Wednesday, October 24, 2018

My Brief Flirtation With Kindle Unlimited

Where I try Kindle Unlimited for 3 months but ultimately decide it's not for me

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Kindle Unlimited is one of those programs that I was vaguely aware of but not really interested in learning more. Then I was offered a 3 month membership for only 99 cents! Never one to turn down a good deal, I decided to see if it was worth joining.

So far as I knew, Kindle Unlimited was an online lending library charging $9.99 per month. I was partially right.

While Amazon claims there are over 1 million titles and thousands of audiobooks available, they fail to mention that the selection is limited and doesn't include very many bestselling authors.

Want to read Stephen King? Sorry, not available, but can we interest you in Stephen R. King? (sneaky!)

Want the latest James Patterson? Nope. John Green, Lee Child, or John Grisham? Nada. Dean Koontz? Yes! Sorta.... There's a short story called Ricochet Joe and Oddkins, a children's book, but that's it.

While I did find several good reads, none of the titles on my TBR list were available. And I have a LOT of titles on my TBR list!