Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mini Bloggiesta Wrap Up

Mini Bloggiesta Wrap Up

Well, another Bloggiesta has come and gone. This round was a major fail for me, as I got almost nothing done. :(

Saturday we hung out with my husband's godson, who brought his family down for the weekend. I bonded with his six year old over books, which was cool! Sunday I got a call that my medical liaison was in the area and could set me up today, so she came over to show me how everything worked. Having surgery this week and I get a fancy-schmancy machine to help bend my new knee. Then of course I had to play with everything and sort of forgot about my list of goals. *sigh*

Bloggiesta Goals:

  • Crosspost reviews on Amazon
  • Crosspost reviews on Goodreads
  • Update TBR Page
  • Update Reviews Page
  • Comment on at least 12 Bloggiesta participants blogs
  • Do at least one mini-challenge
Oh well, there's always next time....


  1. Sounds like you were quite busy!! Sorry you didn't get more finished, but that's okay. I didn't get a lot done this weekend either...haha.

  2. Well you hopped around to some blogs at least! I hope all goes well this week!

  3. Hey, family comes first. :) I was just thinking about this though. It always seems to happen when I'm not able to do it. I have a whole list of things I just need to take a day on the weekend and do. *sigh*