Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Wrap Up


Hoping that these monthly wrap up posts will help keep me on track! So far, so good!

Books read

In order to meet my Goodreads goal of 100 books, I need to read 8.33 books per month. According to Goodreads, I read nine:

  1. Concealed in Death by JD Robb
  2. The Doll by Taylor Stevens
  3. Stolen by Erin Bowman
  4. Half Bad by Sally Green
  5. I See You Made an Effort by Annabelle Gurwitch
  6. Don't Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski
  7. John Dreamer by Elise Celine
  8. Two Sisters by Mary Hogan
  9. Unremembered by Jessica Brody

Blog Goals

I took part in the Spring Bloggiesta this month, so was able to catch up on several tasks that I've been putting off. I backed up my blog; caught up on crossposting my reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, and Pinterest; updated my Review, TBR Pile, and Challenges pages; and completed several of the mini-challenges.


Did so-so with my commenting this month. There were several days when I didn't visit any blogs at all, but during Bloggiesta I commented the heck out of other blogs! I need to work on my consistency instead of binge-commenting.


The online timer is working out well. When I remember to use it, that is! I just need to get in the habit of setting it, then stopping whatever I'm doing when the timer goes off and move to the next thing on my list. It's really tempting to finish whatever I was doing, but that's how I lose track of time. I call it the "just one more chapter" syndrome.

I've given up on my email replies, as so many people have no-reply accounts that they kept bouncing back to me if I didn't doublecheck the address first. Oh well, it was a good idea while it lasted.

Thanks to Bloggiesta, I realized that I've been sadly neglecting my Facebook Page, Google+, Stumble, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts. I'm going to try and devote at least 15 minutes per day to showing them some love.

And's Spring! I know the weather isn't acting like it, but it's officially Springtime! :D


  1. LOL about binge commenting.I wonder just how many of us are guilty of this.

    1. I'm working on it, but still seem to binge comment! Time management is, um, a little challenging for me. ;)

  2. I don't usually email people back either because people don't have reply-back. Instead, since I always comment back on people's blogs, I answer any questions that way. :)


    1. I like it when I receive an email reply and hoped that others would too, but was surprised at how many people have a no-reply email attached to their blog.

  3. Nine books is awesome. In the middle of a big book, so it feels like I'm going so slow on my reading this year!

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. Big books do tend to slow me down, so I try to read shorter books at the same time.

  4. An online timer? The sounds very interesting! is it so that you only are on one task for so long or to make sure you are only online for so long? --Curious ... thanks!

    1. I've been using the timer for one task, then I get off the laptop and do something else. It's helping me limit my computer time, and I'm actually getting things done IRL at the same time! Hoping I can keep it up, as I tend to get bored with rules and start breaking them... ha!

  5. You had a great month. I've been trying very hard to watch my online time as well. I have so much I want to do that I have too. Here's to having a great April too!

    1. Thanks Melissa! It's really easy for me to get sucked into the blogosphere and suddenly the entire day is gone, so the timer is helping. Good luck with your time goals!