Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review: Beach Season Anthology

Beach Season
A collection of four novellas set at the beach, making for the perfect summer beach read!

June's Lace
Really enjoyed this story of a woman rediscovering her old self. June had an unconventional childhood, raised by hippie parents. Wanting to be "normal" she basically turned her back on the wild, free part of herself, became a lawyer, and married another lawyer. She was miserable.

Trying to recapture the Old June, she starts a business creating unconventional wedding dresses. June is artistic and smart and a free spirit. Why anyone would want to bury that part of themselves is beyond me. Really liked this woman! And her family! Loved her family!

This was a great start to this collection, as June and Reece are wonderful characters! Slightly too many oddballs in this story, but they were all lovable! But I would like to see more of Leoni and Morgan, as that little girl almost broke my heart and deserves a happy ending.

Second Chance Sweethearts
Didn't really care for this story as much, as it felt dated and wasn't as smooth a read as the others. Thea is supposed to be 34 and her landlady Alice is supposed to be 53, but neither acts their age. For some reason, Alice seemed more like a 73 year old, as 53 seems too young for a twice-widowed Frank Sinatra fan! This bothered me.

Neither Thea or Hugh appealed to me and didn't seem well rounded. Maybe important details were left out of the story due to editing or something, but the story seemed incomplete. I did like Alice and her cat Henrietta, but even the cat acted out of character at one point. This one just wasn't my cup of Lipton tea (Thea's drink of choice).  :)

Carolina Summer
At first, I rolled my eyes as yet another damsel-in-distress story seemed to be taking shape, but I was soon caught up in the story and it wasn't anything like I expected!

Really enjoyed getting to know Jane and Coop, and think they made a great couple! Despite first impressions, Jane was not a helpless female (those really annoy me) and I admired her initiative and ability to think on her feet. And Coop! There's that spark I was looking for!

This was a well-done, polished and well rounded story. Loved the description of the town almost as much as I loved the characters, as it sounds like a great place! Would love to read Rusty and Kailani's story next!

The Brass Ring
This one was my third favorite of the collection, as I couldn't really relate to the beautiful Dr. Shawna or the handsome semi-famous former tennis pro Parker.

They are a golden couple who seem to have it all, but then it all comes crashing down when Parker is in a horrible accident the night before their wedding. Who knows how they would react to that kind of news, but Shawna behaves admirably while Parker lashes out because of his injuries, both physical and mental.

Felt that the length limitations on this one hurt the story, as we didn't get to know the couple before the accident, so couldn't really appreciate what had been lost or Shawna's anguish. And I didn't really care for the ending, as it tied things up too neatly for my tastes. Still a good story, I just liked two of the others better.

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  1. Hmm...I believe if I were to explore this one, I'd probably end up with June's Lace as my top pick as well. As for the noted length issues...that's the kicker for short story collections; sometimes there's just not enough "time" to get to know the characters/story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i'm a sucker for short stories! sounds good!

  3. I sometimes get frustrated at the limitations of novella length stories, so I don't read that many anthologies, but it's a great way to check out new-to-me authors and I love the theme. It's so funny how we all love to read beach related stories in the summertime.

  4. I love that this book has four short stories, what a great way to find a new author. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway.