Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Journals: Handmade leather wonder

the jewel of my collection!

Blank journals are another weakness of mine. Even though I have an entire cabinet full of journals, I can't seem to stop collecting them! Not sure what I'm going to do with them all, but I can't seem to make it out of a bookstore with at least one.

My Journals:  Handmade leather wonder
This is the nicest journal I own! 

maker's info
Handmade, I won this in a contest many, many years ago. Glad that I kept this insert, as I couldn't remember who made it. What a work of art!

the back is just as pretty as the front!
The back is just as beautiful as the front!

details matter!
The detail on this one is amazing!

The pages are securely fastened to the cover, but still easy to turn.

Back and front 

I doubt that I'll ever use this one because it's just too unique and beautiful!
Definitely the star of my collection!


  1. This one is beautiful! My husband makes leatherwork items and made me a beautiful leather journal with a lock on it. It's too beautiful to use.

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Some things just need to be admired, but never used. :)