Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bloggiesta Finish Line - Winter 2016

Wow, the mini Bloggiesta went by fast! Wasn't able to visit as many of the other participants as I wanted, but did make a small dent.

Original Goals:

  • Update book review index - done
  • Crosspost book reviews to Amazon & Goodreads - done
  • Update TBR page - fail
  • Take part in the Twitter chat - oops! totally forgot about it. :(
  • Finish removing dead links from 2009 - another fail...keep putting this off for some reason
  • Cheer on other Bloggiesta participants - cheered on a few, but will try to visit everyone within the next day or two
  • Update Pinterest - nope
  • Write 2 pending reviews - only one completed

Added Goals:

  • Back up blog - done
  • Schedule recurring memes - I drafted my Journals and Bookmarks posts for the remainder of the year and plugged them into my calendar. Even took pictures of my entire journal collection, so just need to crop & paste them into the proper posts. Did this instead of writing a review. Procrastination can be a wonderful thing!

Not as productive as I would've liked, but life always gets in my way whenever I have blogging plans. Oh well, tomorrow is another day....


  1. I didn't even participate so you're way ahead of me! It looks like you still managed to get some things done.

  2. I love Bloggiesta weekends, even if I don't get as much done as I had hoped for. I still get a good chunk of things done that I would procrastinate doing otherwise! :)