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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tackling the Email Monster

I can't even...

After Yahoo reinstated all of my deleted emails for the second time, I admit that I sort of gave up. I mean, why bother to wade through them all only to have Yahoo just dump them back into my Inbox?

Or I'd have several tabs open with emails I wanted to deal with later, only to lose them when my laptop crashed or spontaneously restarted. Did you know that pulling your hair in frustration actually hurts?

Admittedly, giving up wasn't a very good solution as my emails just kept piling up, and I was probably missing some important notices. But I've become very good at avoidance over the years.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Sisters of Treason by Elizabeth Fremantle #BookReview

Sisters of Treason book reviewTitle:  Sisters of Treason
Author:  Elizabeth Fremantle
Release Date:  June 30, 2015
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster
Source:  review copy provided by the publisher

Early in Mary Tudor’s turbulent reign, Lady Katherine and Lady Mary Grey are reeling after the brutal execution of their elder seventeen-year-old sister, Lady Jane Grey, and the succession is by no means stable. Elizabeth Freemantle brings these young women to life in a spellbinding Tudor tale of love and politics. (Goodreads)

My Review:

Historical fiction is one of those genres that I tend to stay away from, but Sisters of Treason caught my eye and I decided to make an exception. So glad I did, as this was a fascinating story!

Despite my schoolhouse love of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I, I have to admit that I don't remember much about Lady Jane Grey. I remember that she was referred to as the Nine Day Queen and was beheaded, but not much beyond that. She had sisters? Live and learn!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blog Ahead Challenge - October 2015

Blog Ahead Challenge - October 2015
Anna over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup is hosting another Blog Ahead Challenge, this one for the entire month of October. I think it's just the thing I need to get back in the blogging rhythm, so am excited to take part! 

I took part in the last mini challenge and having that cushion of scheduled posts was SO nice! Unfortunately, I didn't keep it up. The month-long challenge will probably be a little tougher for me, but I'm looking forward to having that nice cushion again!

The Details:

Build your total number of scheduled posts by 31!

On October 1st, take your number of scheduled posts and add 31.
Whatever that number is...that's your goal for the month.
You'll end the day on Oct 31st with that many scheduled posts.

Example- If you start October with 5 scheduled posts, you end October with 36 scheduled posts.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bloggiesta Finish Line - Fall 2015

Fall Bloggiesta 2015 | Alexia's Books and Such

Hard to believe that another Bloggiesta has come and gone already! Wasn't able to get everything done, but that's my own fault for trying to do too much. Love Bloggiesta and already looking forward to the next one!

Let's see how I did:

Original Goals

  • Update book review index - done!
  • Crosspost book reviews to Amazon & Goodreads - done!
  • Catch up on emails - still working on it, but got some great tips from the Clean Up Your Email Challenge 
  • Write one discussion post - done!
  • Take part in at least one Twitter chat - done! Forgot about the first ones, but made the final two!
  • Finish removing dead links from 2009 - didn't even start this one. :(
  • Cheer on other Bloggiesta participants - done! Didn't manage to visit everyone, but will try to swing by everyone's wrap up posts to see how they did.
  • Pin reviews to Pinterest - done!
  • Write pending reviews - didn't do so well with this one and still have 5 pending. 
  • Host mini-challenge - done! Was a little nervous since I've never hosted a challenge before, but I survived!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Book Haul 9/19/2015

My Book Haul | Alexia's Books and Such

In need of a new way to showcase titles, I decided that My Book Haul seems like a good fit. I like giving books a little special attention as sometimes it can be awhile before I'm able to review them. Sad to say, but some get put on the shelf and gather a little dust before I'm able to give them the love they deserve. I've included links to Goodreads if you want more information.

For Review:

This was a surprise in my mailbox, but sounds intriguing!

Crucible of Souls by Mitchell Hogan
Crucible of Souls by Mitchell Hogan

An imaginative new talent makes his debut with the acclaimed first installment in the epic Sorcery Ascendant Sequence, a mesmerizing tale of high fantasy that combines magic, malevolence, and mystery. (Goodreads)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pinterest Rich Pins - Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge

How to add Pinterest Rich Pins (for Blogspot blogs)

During a Twitter chat back in March, someone had asked for Pinterest tips. I casually mentioned that Pinterest brought me the best social media traffic after I had installed Rich Pins. Several people were interested in learning more, so Suey asked if I'd be interested in hosting a Bloggiesta mini-challenge. So here we are!

Full disclosure:  I'm no expert on Rich Pins or Pinterest, but am willing to share what I learned and, if nothing else, can at least point you in the right direction.

What are Rich Pins?

Rich Pins add extra detail to your pins and make them stand out a little. The easiest way to spot a Rich Pin is that they have a little picture of the pinner and there's a headline in bold type.

Pinterest also seems to give more exposure to Rich Pins over regular pins, and I know that my Pinterest traffic exploded after switching.

There are five types of Rich Pins:  movie, recipe, article, product, and place. I chose article, as that seemed to be the best fit for a book blog.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fall Bloggiesta 2015

Fall Bloggiesta 2015

It's time for another Bloggiesta! I fell off the blogging wagon recently, so hoping this will help me dust myself off and get back in the game. And to make things even more interesting, I somehow agreed to host one of the mini-challenges! All kidding aside, it should be fun!

What is Bloggiesta?

Bloggiesta is a blogging marathon revolving around ticking off those items on your to-do list and improving your blog while in the good company of other awesome bloggers doing the same thing. Our awesome mascot Pedro (Plan. Edit. Develop. Review. Organize) is ready to break out the nachos, enchiladas, drinks, mariachi music and whack a pinata or two! It’s nothing short of an awesome fiesta! (website)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Book Haul 9/5/2015

My Book Haul 9/5/2015

In need of a new way to showcase titles, I decided that My Book Haul seems like a good fit. I like giving books a little special attention as sometimes it can be awhile before I'm able to review them. Sad to say, but some get put on the shelf and gather a little dust before I'm able to give them the love they deserve. I've included links to Goodreads if you want more information.

For Review:

This was a surprise in my mailbox. Not really my type of read, but I'm on the fence about giving it a try. Think I'll wait and see what others think before deciding. I mean, it's not like I don't have plenty of other books calling my name....ha!

Hummingbird by Stephen P. Kiernan
Hummingbird by Stephen P. Kiernan

From the author of the acclaimed The Curiosity comes a compelling and moving story of compassion, courage, and redemption

Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 2015 Wrap Up

monthly wrap up

Seemed to work last year, so hoping that monthly wrap up posts will still keep me on track!

Books read

In order to meet my Goodreads goal of 100 books, I need to read 8.33 books per month. According to Goodreads, I've read 5 books this month:

  1. The Beautiful Bureaucrat by Helen Phillips
  2. Everything She Forgot by Lisa Ballantyne
  3. A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Mr Kate
  4. For The Love by Jen Hatmaker
  5. Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid

August Reviews

  1. The Beautiful Bureaucrat by Helen Phillips
  2. Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle
  3. Forgotten Girls by Sara Blaedel
  4. Another Day by David Levithan
  5. A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Mr Kate


August was a slow blogging month for me. Did lousy on writing posts and visiting other blogs. Not sure why, but probably because my interest in blogging seems to ebb and flow. Really need to learn to stockpile posts when my blogging interest is high, just to get me through the low periods. Fingers crossed that I can learn that lesson!

Hope everyone has a great September!


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