Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cat Thursday: Nap Time!

Cat Thursday
Welcome to Cat Thursday, hosted by Michelle at The True Book Addict! Cat Thursday is a way to share fun pictures, tidbits, and news of all things cat related!

The only thing cuter than watching kittens play is watching them sleep!

It's a tight squeeze, but four kittens DO fit on one lap!

you looking at me?
Poor Buster usually winds up on the bottom of the pile so eventually gives up and goes over to the chair to hang out with Uncle Fred, the teddy bear.

cute, but now I can't move until he wakes up
Love it when Buster uses my foot for a pillow!

A Katniss & Buster sandwich!A Katniss & Buster sandwich!A Katniss & Buster sandwich!
Katniss and Buster are nap buddies and love to curl up together!

sweet Buster
Buster is a total cuddler and spends the most time on my lap. This guy will make someone a great lap cat!

Uncle Fred takes good care of the kittens!
I really love how they all drape themselves over Fred to take a nap!

Liquid Kitty
How do kittens manage to turn boneless when they nap?

Sorry for so many kitty pictures, but I can't resist taking pictures to remember them by!


  1. They're so cute when they sleep. Almost makes the destruction they cause worth it.

    1. They seem to have two speeds: zoom and sleep!

  2. Awww. They're so cute! I love looking at cats when they're sleeping.

  3. Oh my goodness, they're so adorable. Poor Buster but at least he has the bear and your feet. :D

  4. Ooh my goodness, how sweet. Oh I do miss my fur babies.

  5. Foot snuggles are so sweet. Ro does that here as well. Such cuties.

  6. Cuteness overload. Love it! ^-^