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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Book Review of Rescue Me by Catherine Mann

Book Review of Rescue Me by Catherine Mann | Alexia's Books and Such Title:  Rescue Me
Author:  Catherine Mann
Release Date:  February 3, 2015
Publisher:  Berkley
Source:  My personal copy

Detective AJ Parker left undercover work in Atlanta to join a small-town Tennessee police force, hoping for an easier workload and the solitude of his cabin. But the scars left by AJ’s previous work are more difficult to escape than he thought…

Mary Hannah Gallo works with the Second Chance Ranch Animal Rescue to train therapy dogs for traumatized patients. It isn’t easy, but her life is under control - until she meets the broodingly sensual AJ, who rattles her composure all the way to her toes.

After an assignment confiscating dogs from a backyard breeder reveals a dangerous drug operation, AJ must work with sexy perfectionist Mary Hannah to train an abused rescue dog - a dog now named Holly. While Holly proves to these two very different people that opposites can, in fact, attract, she also knows more than a few explosive secrets that could heal - or divide - the entire town. (Goodreads)

My Review:

Rescue Me is a nice, light romance whose main attraction for me was the rescue dog, Holly. Glad that I saw Anna's review over at Herding Cats and Burning Soup or I never would have found this book on my own!

Holly, the rescued boxer, broke my heart. Used as a breeding dog by a meth dealer, Holly never knew love or affection of any kind until she was rescued. Despite a very tough life, she somehow managed to keep things together long enough to find her chance.

Loved her sense of humor! Despite being terrified and overwhelmed by the shelter environment, Holly observes that she never dreamed she would one day wind up in a Sarah McLachlan commercial. My kind of girl!

Had a harder time warming up to the two humans that rescue Holly. Mary Hannah has very good reasons for being so straitlaced and proper, but I couldn't muster up much sympathy for her. And while AJ was a little more approachable, neither one resonated with me for some reason.

But Holly? I fell for Holly and I fell hard!

Every chapter started with a little quote or observation from Holly, which was a nice touch. Who knew a dog could be hooked on game shows? Loved the a-ha moment when AJ realizes that Holly likes to watch TV and that her favorite show seemed to be Jeopardy. Too funny!

One of the things I didn't care for was the multiple narrators. I don't usually mind more than one voice, but felt that there were too many POVs in this one. I think that limiting it to Holly, Mary Hannah, and AJ might have worked better. It was never confusing, but there were just too many people narrating in my opinion.

There was also a little too much information about animal rescues and the importance of service animals. While it was interesting, some of it felt a little too much like a lecture and interrupted the flow of the story for me. Maybe that could have been included in an afterword or appendix instead?

This was a fast read for me, and to be honest I found myself plowing through most of the book to get to the next Holly chapter. Almost wish this had been Holly's story instead, but that would have been a totally different type of book.

Overall, I did enjoy this one. It was a fast read with a touch of romance, an interesting storyline, a fascinating look into the world of animal rescues, and an adorable boxer named Holly!


  1. Great review but alas I don't do animal stories .... unless I'm assured no ill comes to them.

    1. I don't like those type of stories either Tracy, as I can't stand it when animals are hurt. While Holly was emotionally & physically abused by her former owner, she's shown nothing but love by her rescuers.

  2. Well if it was strictly from Holly's perspective I'd be all over it. Too bad there were so many narrators. I hate that.

    1. I would have loved Holly's story! All of the narrators were a little annoying for me, but didn't ruin the story.

  3. That was pretty much my feelings too. Holly was definitely the star for me. I loved the interactions with her and seeing her recover. I would have liked just the three of them as well I think.

    1. I really felt for Holly and her past broke my heart. Made me hug my little rescue the rest of the night! And now I want to adopt even more, much to my husband's dismay!

  4. I love that each chapter started with a quote from Holly. This sounds like a sweet read.

    1. Holly was incredibly sweet! Made the book worth reading!

  5. I like these kind of light readings and this one sounds too cute!

    1. It was a really fun read, so hope you're able to pick it up!


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