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Monday, March 2, 2015

February Wrap Up

Monthly wrap up
Monthly wrap up posts seemed to help keep me on track last year, so going to try them again this year.

Books read

Didn't make my reading goal last year, so lowered it from 100 to 75 books. In order to meet my Goodreads goal, I need to read 6.25 books per month. I read 3 books:
  1. Stolen by Bishop O'Connell
  2. Death by Roses by Vivian Probst
  3. Obsession In Death by JD Robb
Better than last month, but still not reaching my monthly reading goal. Need to really ramp things up in order to meet my yearly goal, even with cutting it down!

Blog Goals

Updated my blog so that all images have a Pin It pin. Found an easy tutorial online at Code It Pretty. It only took a minute or two, and now I have an easy way to pin images from my blog.

I also added a Related Posts widget to the end of my posts. Found mine on EngageYa, and it was pretty simple to install. I didn't like that LinkWithin just showed random posts, so hope that this one is more selective!

Have been working on removing dead links from old posts. Who knew there were so many? This is going to take awhile, but I did make decent progress! Also making sure that all of my old reviews have a picture of the bookcover. Seems to be random as some do and some don't.

Am using my online time more often than not, so avoiding the internet timesuck that usually gets me in trouble. Also making good use of my online blog planner and it's helping me keep on track. Still using my Google calendar to schedule reviews, but using the planner for everything else.

Another goal was to start writing discussion posts, and I actually did! I surprised myself by not only writing one, but two:  one about what you look for before following a new blog and one about whether or not to update old reviews. It was easier than I expected, and I even have a couple of ideas for new posts!


Did pretty well with commenting and tried to make it a point to visit everyone who was nice enough to leave a comment on one of my posts. Some people didn't have a blogger profile and didn't leave a link, but I managed to eventually visit most who stopped by. 


While another slow month reading-wise, I think I'm finally getting back into the swing of things blog-wise. I'm trying to keep all of my social media sites updated on a daily basis, but Pinterest is the one I have the most fun with. Love finding and pinning new things!

Still having trouble with my leg, seven months after my knee replacement surgery. My doctor keeps telling me to be patient, but that's not my strong suit. While I am better off than I was before surgery, I still have a long way to go.

Haven't noticed any impact on my posts based on the time they go live, so thinking about going back to scheduling them for 8am EST. Although one of my Facebook groups talked about this and most of the bloggers said they scheduled their posts for midnight. Does it matter to you when a post goes live? If so, do you prefer morning, noon, or night?

Disappointed with Tsu and I'm not spending as much time on it as I did when I first joined. While I've been interacting with more people than I do on my Facebook page, people seem to stay on Tsu and don't click through to my blog. I've checked several different trackers and haven't seen any visits from Tsu at all. Will give it another month then shift my focus to something else if necessary, because my blog has to come first.

March should be a fun month! I'm taking part in a TBR challenge, so reading nothing but books from my TBR piles. I'm excited because it's been awhile since I've been able to read what I want! Can't wait to see which titles call to me the loudest!

How was your February? Were you able to get everything done that you wanted to accomplish? Have any fun plans for March? If you're doing a TBR challenge, have any tips on how to choose your next read?


  1. I'm pretty good with my reading goals but I think it's partly due to the fact that I listen to audiobooks to and from work. I haven't been reading lately! And Code It Pretty is a great website and great tutorials that's easy to understand! I haven't joined Tsu! Eek! This is the first semi-negative thing I read about the service though, I really need to read about it more. Have a great month ahead!

    1. I still haven't tried audio books, despite having a few given to me by friends. I'd probably like them, but since I usually read while my husband is watching TV I'd need to get earphones or something. I'm lazy, so still haven't found a solution!

      I like talking to people on Tsu, but I've only found 2-3 active users that aren't simply on there to promote their own work. I think it has potential, but is still new enough that people are still trying to figure it out.

  2. Perhaps a slow month reading wise but you certainly seem to have made up for it blog wise.

    Away to check out the tutorial you mentioned, thanks for the link.

    1. You're right Tracy, I did get a lot done blog-wise so that counts! And I'm on an upward swing with reading, so I'm confident that March will be better!

  3. Well you've been pretty busy on the blog. I need to clean up my blog desperately but there's never any time.
    I love Pinterest a little too much.

    1. Time is a problem for me too, as I can get lost in Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. That's why my timer is a lifesaver, or I'd never get anything done! ha!

  4. I'm always wondering when is the perfect time for post scheduling. I'm in Australia but most of my readers are American, so I usually schedule at 7:00pm my time, which is like super early morning in America I think? It's comfy for me. xD
    I hope March is full of awesome books for you! I'm ahead of my challenge, buuut, my personal small bookclub challenges are kicking my butt. hA! I must get more organised for them. *nods*
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. It's hard to know the best time to post, so we should probably go with whatever is the most comfortable for us.

      I need to work on my other challenges as I haven't even started the What's In A Name challenge, but will concentrate on the TBR challenge for March. And you're not alone in needing to get more organized! :)

  5. February seemed to fly right by to me. For March I hope to get a lot more reading done.

    1. I'm hoping to read more in March too Sandra! Good luck to us both!

  6. I have a few discussion posts in mind and started in the blog drafts (so I don't forget what I want to talk about lol). But I don't want to look back and see what I've done for the month. I think I did well, but.... I don't want to look at the numbers. ;)

    Way to go for a short month!

    1. Sometimes I'd rather not look at the numbers (like when I only read ONE FREAKING BOOK in an entire month!), but being accountable is helping me get back on track. At least, that's what I keep telling myself!

  7. Hope March is a stronger reading month for ya! That's great though that you're knocking some blog things out. I love the pin it buttons. I have them installed on mine as well and they get some good use.

    Tsu yeah it's been a semi-bust with me. Some carry through but not a ton. It's very advertisy over there.

    1. March has started out strong for me reading-wise, so fingers crossed I can keep it up! I'm really loving Pinterest right now and having fun reading articles and discovering new boards. Even started making some of the recipes I've pinned!

      Tsu has been a disappointment for me. Even though everyone can see what I post, unlike Facebook, I'm still getting more blog traffic from Facebook than Tsu. I decided to spend more time on Facebook for the month to see if that helps with my traffic.

    2. It became too spammy for me. I really appreciate FB hiding things it turned out. So many just do promo and that gets way old for me. Before everyone jumped to Tsu it was much different and more interaction. Ah well. FB is my main one. It drives 90% of my social media traffic...easy.

  8. Wow! I am impressed with all that you did on your blog during the month of February! Great job!


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