Friday, January 30, 2015

31Days Challenge: Days 23, 25, & 27 catch-up

Parajunkee is hosting a Better Blogging Challenge again this year. She hosted something similar for 2014 and I had fun taking part, so thought I'd try it again this year! I like that the challenge is pretty flexible and you're not locked into doing every single task.

Fell behind because of the flu, so still playing catch-up!

31 Days of Better Blogging

Day 23:  Pros and cons of blogging

Your task today is to write your pros & cons of blogging.

This seems like a pretty simple task on the surface, so I went with my first impressions instead of tormenting myself over the "correct" answers.

  • Receiving ARCs
  • Discovering new authors/titles
  • Interacting with fellow booklovers
  • Making new friends all over the world
  • Receiving comments on posts, showing that someone has actually read them!
  • Ability to attend BEA 

  • Too many non-relevant email review requests
  • Pushy authors who won't take no for an answer
  • Having to read certain books instead of what I want to read
  • No comments on a post I struggled with. Did anyone even see it?
  • Pressure to read faster
  • Is very time consuming
  • Still feeling like a blogger newbie after 5+ years 

I'm sure I'll think of other pro & cons later, but these were the first that came to mind. For me, the pros outweigh the cons more often than not. And I think I've gotten over most of the blogger envy I used to struggle with, so that's something.

Day 25:  Blog Schedule

Your task today is to set a blog schedule.

I try to schedule posts in advance so I'm not scrambling around at the last minute, but usually fall behind after having a couple of posts under my belt. Darn procrastination gene!

I've been looking for a new meme to take part in, so that would help with scheduling. And I like Rachel's idea of having 3 posts ready and waiting, but want to aim for at least six so I have a nice cushion.

Day 27:  Target Audience

Your task today is to figure out your target audience.

Since I've never done a reader survey where I've asked personal information, I went to various tracking sites to try to figure out my demographics.

I don't want to install anything on my blog that I'd consider an invasion of privacy, so don't know the ages or gender of my readers. All the sites do agree that the majority of my audience is based in the US and come directly to my site instead of being referred by social media or another blog.

Not sure how I can expand my reach internationally, but guess I need to work on my social media accounts. I've started paying more attention to my Facebook page and recently signed up for Tsu. Twitter is a total time-suck for me so I'm not on very often, and I've never really gotten the hang of Google+. *sigh*


  1. Sorry you had the flu! :( I hope you feel better now!

    I've been blogging for 3 years and I still feel like a newbie too. My absolute favorite thing about blogging is meeting all the people I never would have interacted with otherwise. Books bring awesome people together!

    1. Thanks Kimberly! The flu hit me really hard this year, but I'm feeling much better. And you're right about books bringing people together. I've met so many awesome people who share my love of books!

  2. You know, I think when I get Christmas boxed up I'll have more time. Right now I am just managing to post daily. So kudos to you for this aggressive assessment of your blog. I can see that it has really made you focus on more than just your posts.

    1. I'm really impressed that you've been able to post daily! I'm still working on getting back to 3 posts a week, but would love to post daily. Maybe someday....