Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's mini Bloggiesta time!

mini bloggiesta
The eagerly awaited Mini Bloggiesta is finally here! 
For those of you who haven't heard of Bloggiesta, it's basically time devoted to cleaning up our blogs, tackling those neglected tasks, and learning new tips & tricks from our fellow bloggers.

Here's what I hope to accomplish this weekend:

  1. backup blog
  2. solve my threaded comments problem once & for all
  3. write at least 2 reviews
  4. update my Reviews page
  5. update my TBR page
  6. crosspost reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, NetGalley, & Pinterest
  7. visit other Bloggiesta participants
  8. organize my Bloglovin folders
  9. complete at least one mini-challenge
  10. take part in the Twitter chat Saturday night, 9pm EST

Here are my pending reviews. Want to get at least 2 written, hopefully more!

  1. Hunted
  2. She's the Boss
  3. TaleSpins
  4. Spider
  5. The Curiosity
  6. Through the Zombie Glass
  7. Pawn
  8. Machine of Death
  9. What Nora Knew
  10. Rogue
  11. Perfect
  12. Grim

Are you taking part this weekend? Good luck with your goals! Knowing me, I'll probably be adding to my to-do list more than I'll be crossing things off. Ole! ;)


  1. Good luck this weekend with all your goals! I will be watching to see if you figure out this commenting issue.

    I have already strayed from my list by starting off the morning by catching up on emails and now, reading blogs! I will definitely be adding these to my list and then crossing them off! :)

    1. I need to update my list so I can cross things off, as I've spent way too much time catching up on emails and replying to comments! *L*

  2. You have a lot of reviews to write!! I have a lot of books to finish more than reviews, but I do have some. I'm not taking part but I am still trying to schedule some things...get a bit more ahead. Good luck!!

    1. I would love to be 1-2 weeks ahead, as that would definitely take some of the pressure off!

  3. It was great talking to you tonight during the Bloggiesta chat! You have a lot of reviews to write. I have quite a backlog myself. I should probably get on that this weekend, too.

    1. The twitter chat was so much fun! The hour really flew by, and I found several new blogging buddies! :)

  4. Good luck with your goals! They're totally doable!

    1. Thanks Jaime! I just need to stop adding things to my list! *L*