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Blog Tour: Marilyn's Red Diary

EZ Friedel
Marilyn's Red Diary by E.Z. Friedel

Marilyn's Red Diary is shocking, funny, scandalous and sad but always brutally honest. Marilyn Monroe is caught between intellectual giants - her award-winning playwright husband Arthur Miller and her dashing politician boyfriend Jack. Then along comes Jack's fiery brother Bobby. The world's dream girl relates her intimate adventures with many of the era's who's who. Marilyn's Red Diary is a touching portrait of a hard-working, extremely bright woman, trapped in her own sensuality and, tragically, born far ahead of her time. (Goodreads)


When Marilyn Monroe died in 1962, her estate was worth $370,000. In 2011 the subway dress from The Seven-Year Itch sold for a whopping $4.6 million. Add the gown she wore when she sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy, which sold for $1.26 million in 1999, and one thing is clear. The clothes are worth more than the woman who wore them.

More than a half-century after she was found dead on the night of August 5, 1962, Hollywood’s tragic dream girl continues to fascinate. We’re still mesmerized by her endless appeal to powerful men of every stripe, her troubled childhood, her magnetic screen presence and the mystery of what killed the woman who created Marilyn Monroe.

Based on shocking new information, author and physician E.Z. Friedel offers a fictional first-person account of what might have happened to the former Norma Jeane Mortenson in MARILYN’S RED DIARY (Sand Shack LLC; June 1, 2013; $9.99). Friedel draws on his medical knowledge to explore some of the darkest questions concerning the troubled star, including who may have killed her, as he recreates the last two years of her life. This provocative and scandalous narrative is told by Marilyn herself, as she recounts the events of the day - and the steamy, sexual encounters of the night - writing in her red diary all the details and dirty little secrets about some of the most powerful people in history and entertainment.

Marilyn confides in her diary information about the President of the United States, his brother the attorney general, the CIA, the Mafia, her loyal psychiatrist, her overbearing drama coach, insensitive producers, husbands, lovers, and her ongoing struggles with drugs and alcohol. Friedel calls upon his professional expertise to deliver the most shocking revelation of all - just how Marilyn may have been killed and who was responsible.

E.Z. Friedel is a novelist and surgeon. His first novel, The Cutting Room, based on his medical experiences in Spanish Harlem, was published by Bantam. It sold out its first printing of 50,000 copies and was optioned three times to NBC. He lives in New York. Marilyn’s Red Diary, his second novel, is the culmination of more than 20 years of research, thousands of pages of correspondence and many interviews. (press release)

Paperback: 330 pages
Publisher: Sand Shack LLC (June 1, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0988890704
ISBN-13: 9780988890701

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  1. Never really found myself enraptured with this particular starlet though the "tragedy" of her death or rather the way it's sensationalized would may anyone sorry for her. ~shakes head~ Anywho, thanks for the spotlight!