Friday, February 1, 2013

Blog Tour: Tim Rowland's Creature Features

Tim Rowland's Creature Features by Tim Rowland

When Tim Rowland's earlier book of his animal essays, All Pets are Off, was published, readers immediately clamored for more. Their preference for animal stories over the political columns Tim's also known for is understandable: animals are way more fun to read about than politicians. Especially now.

So here's a new volume of over 75 warm and funny essays, from the introduction to the farm of bovines Cleopatra and Heifertiti, the Belted Galloway beauties, to the further antics of Hannah the English Bulldog and Juliet the tiny Siamese, along with assorted donkeys, pigs, goats, horses, chickens, geese-and of course, more of the joyful bouvier des Flandres named Opie-that's sure to provide loads of smiles and even outright guffaws. (book blurb)

My Thoughts:

Collections like this are always hit or miss for me, as what might be interesting in a daily or weekly column might not be so interesting when read all at once. For this reason, I like to spread things out and read just a few essays at a time. It takes longer than normal to finish reading, but it's worth it!

Overall, I enjoyed reading about Tim's adventures on the farm with all of his crazy animals. I really liked reading about his dog Opie, who sounds like a crazy, friendly, lovable scamp!

Something else I enjoyed were the fish-out-of-water tales of Tim and his wife learning to take care of and live with farm animals. They started their adventure with almost zero experience, but boy did it sound interesting!  I don't know anyone with alpacas, goats, pigs, or even cows, so I can only imagine how I would react in some of these situations. I know Tim handled the birthing goat better than I would have!

Some of the essays worked for me and some didn't, but that might have been a result of my personal preferences for dogs, angry geese, and an amusing pig over other animals. It's a nice collection and think it would make a nice gift for any animal lovers out there!

About Tim Rowland:

Tim Rowland is an award-winning columnist at Herald-Mail Media in Hagerstown, Maryland. He has written for numerous history and outdoor magazines and news syndicates nationwide. He has also authored several books, most recently Strange and Obscure Stories of the Civil War and including All Pets are Off: A Collection of Hairy Columns, Petrified Fact: Stories of Bizarre Behavior that Really Happened, Mostly, Earth to Hagerstown, High Peaks: A History of Hiking the Adirondacks from Noah to Neoprene and Maryland's Appalachian Highlands: Massacres, Moonshine & Mountaineering

Tim is also keeper and lackey for a wide assortment of mostly non-useful, freeloading critters, aided as always by his trusty (well, mostly trusty) companion Opie.

How to find Tim Rowland online:  WebsiteTwitterFacebook

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  1. Give me four legged animals over political ones any day. Sounds like a great collection, thanks for recommending.

  2. Thanks for taking part in the tour. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. It's definitely for animal lovers!

  3. Sounds like a fun read to me. :-)

    1. Love collections like these, as you can read as much or little as you like! I'm one of those people who read while waiting in line, so it's perfect!

  4. I love essays. Like you I read them in small doses.

    I also love animals so this might be a good book for me.

    1. Hope you pick this one up and enjoy it! Think you'll get a kick out of Opie!