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Monday, October 22, 2012

We interrupt this program....

This is my life at the moment.

We're in the middle of packing everything up to move down south.

Just confirmed our closing date and have scheduled the movers, so I'll be focusing on packing up the rest of the house as OMG IT'S THIS SUNDAY!

Mild panic attack....

Anyway, moving will be my focus for the next few weeks. Have a few posts already scheduled, but DH is threatening to confiscate my laptop. 

I'll miss you!


  1. I wonder how many of those boxes are books. Good luck with the move, we'll see you soon.

  2. Oh goodness! I HATE moving! Good luck and I hope it goes well for you!

  3. Good luck!!! I know all about moving and how stressful it is, so I will be keeping you in my thoughts, hoping it all goes well! :)

  4. Oh, wow! Moving is NOT fun. Hang in there and we'll see you on the other side!

  5. Good luck with the move! Hope everything goes well :)

  6. Aww...we'll miss you too! Have a safe move and we'll see you when you've "landed". ^_^

  7. Take it easy and try to not over do it, and hurt yourself with lugging those boxes around. And we'll be here when you return. Good luck!

  8. She sobs uncontrollably. It's odd, though. After what I've been through for the past two months, that doesn't seem like that many boxes to me. Of course, I believe that at least 90% of those boxes are books.
    Do what you got to do and let me know when you're settled. It won't be the same without you in the area.
    Love the new header BTW.

  9. That looks familiar! Just like my move two years ago. Not looking forward to the day it happens again! From one who has been there, take it as easy as you can.

    What part of the south are you moving to? I only ask because I'm in Tennessee. =O)

  10. I would say have fun, but that looks nithing like fun. Be safe and we will see you when you get all settled in.


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