Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Came, I Saw, I Comic Conned

Thanks to my awesome bud Tammy (Bo's Book Nook), I got to experience my very first New York Comic Con! Her DH couldn't make it, so was thrilled when she asked me if I wanted to use his ticket!

Please keep in mind that my main knowledge of Comic Con comes from The Big Bang Theory. I hope I didn't embarrass Tammy too, too much but yeah, I got my bookgeek on!

We arrived before the doors opened. Unlike BEA (my main comparison), they made us wait outside. There were an awful lot of people. Hordes of people. I was part of a horde. Cool. Aside from being divebombed by a dragonfly, the crowd was pretty calm. They opened the doors a few minutes late, and we all swarmed the escalator.

Unlike BEA, I didn't really have an agenda. I had printed out some signings and booth numbers for the publishers (thank you Lexie, as you are the Queen of Cons!), but that was it. I walked right by the Kim Harrison booth signing as I was expecting a huge line. I asked the publisher rep if there was a charge and she said the autograph was free but I had to buy the book. Big difference from BEA, where everything is free. As I'm not really a graphic novel fan, I reluctantly passed.

The book publishers weren't that far apart and we picked up signing schedules for the day. After walking by an unadvertised signing, we made sure to make frequent passes throughout the day. The publishers also put out free books periodically, some scheduled and some not. I truly, madly, deeply love publishers for this!

One of the booths I really wanted to visit was the Doctor Who store. Saw this really cool Dalek statue! There was also a little girl sitting behind the counter. At first glance, I thought she was the child of the booth owners and coloring or something. Embarrassed to see the sign that she was the child actor who played the young Amelia Pond in a few Dr. Who episodes. Oops! She was selling autographs for $25 and would pose for pictures for $10. And there was a line! A line for the little girl who played Amy Pond as a child! The first of many odd things I saw at Comic Con....

On one of our publisher aisle passes, we saw that the line for Andrea Cremer was really, really short, so we jumped at the chance for an autograph! Another big difference between BEA and NYCC - huge lines for artists, not so huge lines for authors.

Wandering the rest of the floor, saw this awesome mural of Neil Gaiman's Sandman!

Like BEA, some of the big distributors had giant signs hanging from the ceiling. Tried to get some pictures of the crowds, as this place was seriously packed! If it was this crowded on Friday, can't imagine what the weekend will look like!

Love this girl's wig!

Tammy didn't have a chance to have breakfast, so we went outside to grab some hot dogs. The food inside the Javits Center is outrageously expensive. Long lines at the first two carts, so walked down the street to some carts with no lines. Love real NYC hot dogs!

Finally got to meet Nicole Peeler! Love this woman! And guess who was in line with us? Kevin Hearne! What an incredibly nice guy! I was trying to eavesdrop on his conversation to find out the scoop on his next book, but sadly, no spoilers.

Finally remembered to take some pictures of the people in costumes! I was so busy gawking most of the day that I forgot I had my camera with me. Wish I had a picture of the girl in the Dalek dress! Or some of the Poison Ivy costumes we saw! Or the guy with the hairy legs dressed as Alice in Wonderland! :o

I am a bookgeek, not a comic geek. That's my only excuse for thinking that this guy in a Hawkeye costume was a purple Green Arrow....

The awesome Kevin Heane! Such a nice guy! He chatted with each fan and thanked us for reading his books. I already loved Atticus and Oberon, but now I love Kevin as well!

Not sure who this guy is, but points for coolness!

Did I mention the huge crowds? This place was crazy-packed!

Even superheroes need a helping hand every now and again!

Forgot to mention another big difference between BEA and Comic Con - the autographing area. Several of the tables required tickets, and they weren't cheap! And you had to bring your own items to sign. At BEA, the authors would sign books or bookmarks or some other provided swag. Waited in line before realizing we had nothing for them to sign. I thought there would be books provided for purchase at the table. Nope. At Comic Con, it was definitely Bring Your Own!
So all in all, I really enjoyed the whole Comic Con experience! Loved all the costumes, and was amazed at how much skin was on display. People were more than happy to pose for you, so disappointed that I kept forgetting to take pictures. And the books! Not as many as BEA of course, but more than expected. So glad the publishers had totebags for us!

Thank you for letting me go with you Tammy! I had a blast!

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  1. It looks like you had a great time! And seeing all those people in costume is both awesome and weird at the same time!

    1. Awesome and weird is right! I kept forgetting to take pictures as I was so busy watching all the costumes. *L*

  2. cool! I'd probably have been in the same boat had I gone (he did totally look like a purple version of him!) ...but I've a friend who would be green with envy at your experience. Gotta love a difference in interests and yet a common bond. Thanks for letting us tag along! ^_^

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one who didn't know who Hawkeye was! :)

  3. Oh you got to meet Nicole! She is amazing and so kind. Looks like a great time. Wish I could go again. And that place is always sooooo packed! Glad you got around. :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Absolutely LOVE Nicole, so was very excited to meet her! Of course, I was so in awe I could barely say a word!

  4. It looks like so much fun! I hope to comic-con some day!