Monday, October 1, 2012

Bloggiesta Finish Line

Another Bloggiesta has come and gone. Didn't get as much accomplished as I had hoped, but even though the weekend is over I can still work on my list, right?

So, how did I do? Not very well... :(

Original goals:
  • update my pages
  • write at least 3 posts as backup
  • catch up on my reviews
  • participate in at least 2 mini-challenges
  • organize my Google Reader shelves
  • update my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and Pinterest
Added goals:
  • clean up my emails
  • organize Goodreads shelves
  • have at least two weeks of posts scheduled

  • get organized by scheduling posts, making lists and using templates
  • Blogger Journal and Calender
  • a nifty little app called Pocket
  • how to use Evernote to get and stay organized
  • organize our books in a spreadsheet using Microsoft Access
  • 20 (plus) Discussion Post Ideas to get our creative juices rolling
  • Step Out of Our Blogging Comfort Zone!
  • Use a Website Grader
  • Get Personal and write posts about ourselves.
  • Six Techniques to Revitalize Old Content
  • Catch up on Reviews!
  • Give and Get Great Guest Posts
  • Build Your Blog Audience
  • Gravatars & Favicons
  • Feedburner and how to switch to a new RSS Feed
  • tips for setting up Guidelines and Policies
  • Basic Photo Editing skills

I snuck in one more challenge late last night:  I found out about a nifty little app called Pocket from The Book Vixen. And I created a Page for all of my blog goals, sort of a perpetual Bloggiesta that I can keep working on until I'm able to cross all of the items off of my list.

Did you participate in Bloggiesta this weekend? If so, what was your favorite part? Make any new blogging buddies? I know I had fun, and got lots of great ideas!


  1. Still, pretty impressive to accomplish what you did. Pocket sounds like a useful app to have, thanks for the link.

  2. This is the first time I did not get to participate in Bloggiesta. I signed up - I tried... but with banned book week and a Reunion - it did not happen.

  3. looks like you got a decent amount done over the weekend. i didn't participate this year but may the next time it comes up. great job!

    thuy @ nite lite

  4. You got plenty accomplished! At least you visited some mini challenges. That's the one thing I failed miserably at.

  5. Great job on your list! I didn't get much done either, but I really do need to take some time one of these days to make my updates. My blog needs it!!

  6. Even though the RSS feed thing had me near to tears, I did get quite a bit accomplished. I made myself a new header and blog button. Speaking your new header! Beyond great!

  7. Well, you have more done than you did before you started. So that is a great accomplishment. :) And the rest will come.

  8. Wow you had a big list!
    You took part in a lot of mini challenges- I wish I'd checked out more!
    I love the idea of keeping a list of bloggiesta goals to keep the aims going! I do monthly goals :)
    Well done on the new header!
    Bloggiesta Wrap Up