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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blog Tour: Witch Woman

by Jeanette Baker

The first time Maggie McBride set foot in contemporary Salem, Massachusetts she was two years old, completely alone and stark naked. Now, thirty years later, a clairvoyant with a gift for profiling kidnappers, she is back to fulfill a personal quest. 

Armed with an ancient spinning wheel inherited from Annie McBride, her adoptive mother, she intends to solve the mystery of her sudden, unexpected appearance in The Old Burying Point Cemetery. Her only clue is the recurring dream of a woman from another time, a woman with a spinning wheel, an unusual whistle, and the same genetic mutation Maggie has, one brown eye, the other blue. 

As Maggie’s spinning improves, her ability to visit the past strengthens and she finds herself being drawn into a world that existed four centuries before, a terrifying world she would have inhabited except for the courage and magick of one woman.

My Thoughts:
Really enjoyed this one, as it was a little different than my usual read! 

We first meet Annie, a recent widow struggling to get through each day without her husband. Drawn to the cemetery, she discovers a naked, abandoned child sitting on a bench near Annie's husband's grave. Taking her home, Annie determines that it's her mission to raise the girl as her own, and they leave town soon afterwards. Of course it's more complicated than that, but Baker sets up Maggie's background nicely!

Flash forward thirty years and Maggie is a profiler who helps the police recover kidnapped children. Uncomfortable with her physic gift, Annie and Maggie moved quite a bit during Maggie's childhood so she's not really comfortable staying in one place too long. Annie is in failing health, and Maggie is surprised to learn that she's adopted. 

After moving back to Salem, Maggie settles into Annie's old home and finally feels like she belongs. Determined to try to figure out her past, Maggie starts to explore her new home. With the help of a few local witches and Annie's old spinning wheel, Maggie starts experiencing visions of the past. These visions may or may not explain where Maggie came from, but it's hard for Maggie to understand what she's seeing.

Really enjoyed the glimpses into the past, as it was almost like reading parallel stories. Was never confusing, as the author helpfully labeled the chapters as past or present. I found the past just as compelling as Maggie's story, as Salem did not sound like a fun place to live during the 1600's!

Don't want to give too much away, as there were a few unexpected twists that I wasn't expecting. Really liked both Maggie from the present and Abigail from the past! In fact, I liked most of the characters! The ending wasn't what I expected, and I admit that I was a little disappointed. The story went where it was supposed to go, but I still wished it had followed the path in my head....


  1. Nice job on the review! Doesn't sound like a typical read I would pick up either, but I gotta say, you certainly make it sound interesting. But really, for a person with her "talents" I agree....that could NOT have been a comfortable time to be around that area. *-*

    1. Didn't sound comfortable at all! Can you imagine a world without air conditioning, indoor plumbing, or ice cream? And no internet! *shudder*

  2. This does sound a little bit different, not too sure if its one I'd read or not as I'm a bit put off by your mentioning you were a tad disappointed with the ending.

    1. The ending wasn't bad. I just was hoping for a different path for Maggie and Abigail.

  3. Man! The only book tours I get asked to participate in are books that just don't look good. This one looks pretty interesting.

    1. Give it time, Jenny! I'm sure you'll be swamped with requests pretty soon, as your blog is awesome! :)


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