Friday, January 20, 2012

Blog Tour: Stories to Enjoy

by Tom Mach

This unique collection of 16 short stories written by prize-winner Tom Mach includes stories such as "Real Characters," which is about a writer who gets his wish--that his characters come alive.... "Breakfast, Over Easy" makes you wonder about loyalty in the face of temptation.... "When Kansas Women Were Not Free" takes you to a time when women were less free than former males slaves.... "Son" make you think differently about compassion. One novelist describes STORIES TO ENJOY as "memorable and intriguing, with O. Henry twists that are sure to surprise and entertain." (book blurb)

My Thoughts:
Short stories are one of my favorite types of book, as it gives you a quick glimpse into a world you've never been before. They are remarkably hard to write, as you have a limited amount of space to draw the reader in and make you care about the characters and what happens next, so I've always admired the short story writer for their bravery.

This was an interesting collection, as the stories were all different instead of being the same theme. I enjoyed that difference. Some left me wanting more, and some were just the right length. Rather than give a synopsis of each story, I'll just discuss a couple that stood out for me.

"The Assassin" is about the President's press secretary who finds the President's behavior on Air Force One a bit odd, and has a funny feeling that she won't be returning home. I liked Kerry and wished that she had paid more attention to her hunches instead of being so accepting, but did like the twist at the end!

"Real Characters" is about an author who is told his characters are like stick figures and need to come alive. Enter a helpful genie, and you can guess what happens next! It's a fast, funny story that made me smile.

"Frozen History" wonders what if you could stop all the actions of the world by performing a special incantation while wearing a ring dating back centuries ago? What if there were a nuclear attack and you had that power but didn’t know it? I liked this story because it reminded me of an old TV show I saw once. Wasn't The Twilight Zone, but something similar.

So all in all, I enjoyed this collection. Love short stories as you can pick them up for a quick read without having to worry about remembering what happened previously! Gave a nice, little taste of Tom's work.

Tom will be giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour!


  1. Too greedy to really enjoy short stories - they nearly always leave me wanting more. Glad you enjoyed this collection though.

    1. What a great description! Too greedy for short stories! Maybe look at them like an appetizer, to whet your appetite? :)

  2. I'm not huge on short stories either. Sometimes I find that they're too short for me to become interested in the characters. Although having said that I recently read a short story that I adored. I really like the sound of this one though with all the different themes.

    1. It's hard to write a good short story, so glad that you found one you adored!

  3. Hmm...interesting; your reason for loving short stories is actually the reason I don't generally gravitate towards them. That quick glimpse is usually only enough to get me interested and's over. I love the longer journey of getting to know the characters and entangled in their lives. Certainly sounds like an interesting collection though....from the ones you highlighted, I'd say FROZEN HISTORY grabbed my attention most. Thanks for sharing...and happy reading! ^_^

  4. Sometimes you just find really great short stories. It looks like a few really rock. Frozen History really sounds like it could turn into a good series!