Friday, December 30, 2011

Pick Your a Thon Mini-Challenge #3

Organizing Upcoming Reviews

Mini-challenge #3:  work on organizing your upcoming reviews of books you haven't read. Create an organizer... update... reorganize. The choice is yours. We'd like to see what you do to organize and how you think you'd improve it.

I'm not much of an organizer, as I tend pick up and read the next book in my TBR pile instead of sitting down and writing my review like a good, little reviewer. I've tried a spreadsheet with my requested and received books listed, but it's gotten a little unwieldy. I tried writing the titles for review in a notebook, but that didn't work either.

Right now, I'm setting up a rough draft of the review with the book synopsis and then scheduling them. This serves as a reminder that I need to write the review before a certain date.  That seems to work a little better, but still depends on me checking my unpublished blog posts.

Kate mentions a blog calendar, which I think I might try. If I schedule them in a calendar, maybe that will remind me to get busy! I know I depend heavily on my Outlook calendar at work, so maybe the Google calendar for my blog would work just as well.

Curious to hear what works for others, so please let me know if you've got any helpful hints!


  1. I'm not organized either, so I just go with the flow and let my conscience do the choosing :) Happy New Year of reading!

  2. A blog calander? Sounds interesting and might well save on all the must do lists I have lying everywhere.

    Best wishes for 2012 to you and yours Alexia, I hope its a good one.

  3. Harvee - Good to know I'm not alone in my disorganization! Happy New Year!

    Petty Witter - The calendar really works for me at work, so hoping I can make the transition to using it for my reviews. Best wishes to you too! :)