Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Review: Girl vs. Ghost

Girl vs. Ghost by Kate McMurry and Marie August

Source:  eBook provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Rating:  4/5

Isabel Lindley doesn’t believe in magic, but her best friend is obsessed with witchcraft. Strictly as a favor, Isabel agrees to help with a spell and is shocked when the ghost of a teenage boy splat-lands in her bedroom. Her friend is thrilled - even though only Isabel can see or hear the ghost - but Isabel is horrified. She’s the most ordinary sixteen-year-old girl on the planet. What is she supposed to do with a ghost who doesn’t know his own name, how he died, or why the heck he’s tied to Isabel with a psychic chain? Her only hope to take back her life is to help him solve the mystery of his demise so he can go to the Light. Or wherever. She’s not particular, as long as the ghost is gone. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts:
This was a fast, fun read about an ordinary girl who finds herself tied to the ghost of a teenage boy...literally. There is a magical cord binding them together, allowing only a few feet of space, which annoys them both. It affects the ghost more then Isabel, as he's the one yanked off his feet if they get too far apart. They manage, but it makes going to the bathroom and taking a shower interesting!

Desperate to get rid of the ghost, Isabel and BFF Tripp try to figure out who Teen Ghost is and how he died. They do pretty well for a couple of unprepared teenagers, one who just wants to keep a low profile and the other a little ditsy. I really enjoyed Tripp's zest for life and passion to try new things. Even if she sometimes drove Isabel crazy, I think Tripp would make a great friend! Really enjoyed the interaction between the two girls and getting to know them.

While I'm not crazy about the cover, this was a fun book with interesting characters, a good plot, and excellent writing! Looking forward to finding out what Isabel and Tripp get up to next!


  1. Gotta say, from the little synopsis, the main characters sounds like fun. ^_^ Oh look...*reads review*....seems you thought that of the book as well! LOL. Agreed on the cover...if I saw it on the shelf, can't say it would have "called" to me...luckily I've got blog buddies like you to help me look passed it. Happy reading!

  2. Agree with you about the cover. What's up with that? My biggest question is whether or not there is any romance between Isabel and the Ghost because that's usually a sever turn off for me! Otherwise this sounds like an interesting book. Tripp seems pretty funny.

  3. GMR - Was lots of fun! If you do decide to read it, hope you enjoy as much as I did!

    Lan - I don't think there was any romance (aside from Isabel noticing he was hot), but I tend to not pick up on that sometimes so can't say for sure. I'm in too much of a hurry to find out what happens next! *L*

  4. That does sounds good. I am glad you mentioned the cover... it really is awful. :)

    Stop by today - you are a winner on my blog!

  5. Yes I agree the cover needs a little a little work but I like the storyline idea. :0

  6. Glad to hear the book was fun! I love a good ghost story every now and then!

  7. Sheila & Joy - I know! Wish they had a different cover, but once you get into the story, it totally doesn't matter!

    Amused - This one had a nice twist!

  8. I agree about the cover, but the book does sound interesting. Was it a self published book, I didn't look? I've noticed that they sometimes have covers like this.

  9. I'm not crazy about the cover either, but it does sound like an interesting read.

  10. Jill - You're right about the self-pubs sometimes having strange covers. This one is by a small, indy publisher.

    Mrs. Q - Very interesting!