Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scavenger Hunt & Giveaway: Chosen by Paula Bradley

Shy and introverted Mariah Carpenter has concealed a hidden talent from childhood that, according to her mother, would brand her a freak. Now a fateful encounter has caused her secret skill - an extraordinary psychic ability - to become greatly enhanced. Suddenly, she has a purpose for her gift, as her vision gives her the ability to find kidnapped children telepathically. But is this a blessing or a curse?

My Thoughts:
This story had a unique concept in that a talent that Mariah had always considered a curse that she had to hide develops into a gift that she feels compelled to use. I do admit that I was expecting a different kind of story and it went down a path I wasn't expecting, but it was an enjoyable ride!

Scavenger Hunt!
Just before she slipped into a deep and dreamless sleep, she observed, again in a haze, the man smiling down on her. Clipping the metal tube onto his belt, his eyes betrayed not only sorrow but apprehensive.

He shook his head and pressed a button the belt.

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  2. I love the cover and would probably read it for that reason alone. Of course I'e done that in the past, and haven't been happy with the results.

    Thanks for the giveaway!