Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: Overbite

Overbite by Meg Cabot

Source:  Review copy received from the publisher

Rating: 3/5

Meena Harper has never rebuffed the love of a god (unless you count the prince of darkness). But she’s always felt as though her gift was a curse, because no one’s ever believed her when she’s told them they were going to die . . . . until now.

My Thoughts:
Believe it or not, I'm pretty sure this is the first Meg Cabot I've ever read. I have several friends who love Meg, but none of her books ever grabbed my eye until this one showed up on my doorstep. While this is the second book in Meg's Insatiable series, it totally stood on it's own and I was never lost with either the character's or the plot.

Meena works for the Palatine Guard, a secret branch of the Vatican that hunts demons. Hired for her gift of knowing how someone will die, Meena spends most of her time on research. Meena seems a little naive for someone who works for an organization that hunts demons, and believes that the vampires retain some of their humanity and can choose to reform. Especially her ex-boyfriend Lucien, the son of Dracula. Needless to say, Meena's belief is not shared by her co-workers. Alaric Wulf is the most vocal in his dissenting opinion of the good vampire, as he seems firmly in the camp of the-only-good-vampire-is-a-staked-vampire!

Never really warmed up to Meena for some reason. Maybe I've read too many vampire books, but this one seemed to have too many cliches and this was a little off-putting. It was an okay story and I did enjoy reading it, but I didn't love it. Didn't really care for the ending either. Meg is a good writer and I think I'll try one of her other books, but this one just didn't do it for me.


  1. After your wonderful review this is not a book I'm in any hurry to read. Actually I was kind of put off even before your review ..... I think the title is awful, it reminds me of the dental condition.

  2. Isn't it sucky when you pick up a book thinking it will be great only to find it a bit disappointing? I think the worst thing is when you can't warm up to even the narrator. I'm finding i'm in the same boat reading Shiver. Great review. Am now following you :)

  3. Too bad this one did not, excuse the pun. Bite.

    Will wait till you read her other books before I decide on her fate.

  4. I still love a good Vamp book, but it is starting to get old.

  5. The review went bad for me as soon as son of Dracula was mentioned. I'm not a big fan of anything that involves the son of anything else. Thanks for the review, but I think I'll stay away.

  6. im defenitely reading this cuz i love Meg Cabot - she rules!!