Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reading Challenge Check-In (5)

I'm trying to keep a closer eye on my reading challenges this year, so will try to do monthly check-ins in order to keep on track. So far, so good!

100 Books In A Year Challenge

50/100 books. 50% complete

Outdo Yourself Challenge

50/100 books. 50% complete

What's In A Name Challenge

3/6 books. 50% complete

Horror & Urban Fantasy Challenge

20/24 books. 83% complete

Off The Shelf Challenge

3/30 books. 10% complete

eBook Challenge

19/20 books. 95% complete

A-Z Challenge

20/26 books. 77% complete

Debut Author Challenge

11/12 books. 92% complete

How is everyone doing with their yearly goals so far? I think I'm right on track with my big challenges, but falling behind with the smaller ones. Need to catch up with the Off the Shelf and What's In A Name Challenges. The small ones always get neglected for some reason...


  1. I've finished two challenges, The Mystery & Suspense Challenge and The Vintage Mystery Challenge. I haven't done wrap ups on them, since I'm still reading books in those areas. My other challenges I'm slacking on, but I know I'll kick it in gear soon.

  2. I didn't join any challenges other than the Goodreads self-paced challenge. I recently hopped onto a Paris in July challenge though, in the hopes that a one month challenge wouldn't scare me too much! :) I don't know what my deal was this year. It looks like you're doing great though!

  3. Wow you're doing pretty well :) I haven't been doing so good. I got all of my Dystopian in cause i seem to be obsessed with them lately...but then I forgot about everything else lol

  4. Wow, you're doing great on your challenges! I think I'm close to finishing one...maybe. There are always so many I'm interested in. It's hard to resist!

  5. Wow!! I'm really, really impressed with how you are doing on your challenges this year! The Off the Shelf Challenge is the one I am really lacking in, so I need to be working on that one myself for the remainder of the year!