Wednesday, July 13, 2011

eBook Challenge 2011 - Completed!

My first completed challenge of 2011!
*throws confetti*

This challenge used to be hosted by Alaine at Queen of Happy Endings, but is now hosted by The Ladybug Reads. While I'll never give up physical books, I love my nook! 

My goal was the Obsessed level of reading 20 eBooks, and I made it!
Here are the books I read for the challenge:

1.  Dark and Disorderly

3.  Angelfire
8.  Ascension
21. Summer's Crossing
22. Tower
23. Girl vs. Ghost
24. Double Cross
25. Aggies Nine Heroes
26. Confessions of a Call Center Gal
27. Zombie Mommy
28. New York to Dallas
29. Wild & Steamy
30. Naked City
31. Flip This Zombie
32. Eat Slay Love
33. Spider's Revenge
34. In The Dead Vol 1
35. Darkness of Perfection
36. Karma Girl Christmas
37. Touch of Frost
38. Kiss of Frost

Challenge Guidelines:
1. Anyone can join. You don't need a blog to participate.

2. There are 7 levels:
  • Curious – Read 3 e-books.
  • Fascinated – Read 6 e-books.
  • Addicted – Read 12 e-books.
  • Obsessed – Read 20 e-books.
  • Possessed – Read 50 e-books.
  • Fanatical – Read 75 e-books.
  • Monomaniacal – Read 100 e-books.
3. Any genre counts.

4. You can list your books in advance or just put them in a wrap-up post. If you list them, feel free to change them as the mood takes you.

5. Challenge begins January 1, 2011 and lasts until December 31, 2011, so there's still time to enter!

Think I'll keep track of the eBooks I read for the rest of the year and see if I can make any of the other levels. That's just for fun though, as I'm considering this a completed challenge.


  1. congratulations on completing your challenge! :-)

  2. 20 e-books? wow...amazing job, Alexia! Congrats on completing your challenge! The books you read for this challenge are wonderful! Where can I find them? I usually purchase my e-books from all you can books but now I'm looking for a new website...

  3. Good job! I'm currently participating three challenges and I only have read a couple of books in one of them. OMG, I know! ;)

  4. Congrats on the completion! This was one of my favorite challenges this year!

  5. Congrats on the completion! This was one of my favorite challenges this year!

  6. Congrats! Maybe you'll make it to the Possessed level by year end LOL. I have yet to try any eBooks, looks like you are really liking them though!

  7. Congrats on completing, you made me realise I have completed also, did the same as you 20.

    I love my Kindle and wish I could do the next goal but reading 50 books a year is my goal, reading all of them on my Kindle is to much, even though I do most of my reading on it.

  8. Congrats! I wish I had the patience to do ebooks. Maybe one of these days.

  9. Good for you for you for finishing so early! It's a big step between Possessed and Obsessed, but you never know :)

    I might be either Curious or Fascinated by the end of the year, though only have 1 short story completed so far this year.

  10. Marie & Petty - Thank you! :)

    kim23 - I usually get my eBooks from netGalley, email offers, or Barnes &

    Nina - I know! I tend to join too many challenges and am a major fail by the end of the year, so am very excited that I've actually finished one!

    Miss Remmers - Thank you! For someone who was anti-eBook and anti-eReader at first, guess you could say I've been converted! *L*

  11. Mel - I still can't read books on my laptop or PC, but I am loving my nook! So convenient!

    Marce - Congratulations! Fifty eBooks does sound like a lot, and I don't know if I'll make that level. Will be curious to see how many I wind up reading!

    Ryan - You need a nook! ;)

    Jackie - Good luck with the challenge! I've somehow turned into a big eBook fan and am reading way more eBooks than expected! :)

  12. Doing major HAppy dance for you girl!

    I don't know how you do it but keep at it :)

    Congrats my belle :)

  13. YAY! ou reached your goal. I try not to read many ebooks. Though sometimes I am forced. I like reading at night so I hate the new e-ink stuff

  14. Comgratulations, you did it!
    Gud 4 u - i might do it next year