Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reading Challenge Check-In (4)

I'm trying to keep a closer eye on my reading challenges this year, so will try to do monthly check-ins in order to keep on track. So far, so good!

100 Books In A Year Challenge

46/100 books. 46% complete

Outdo Yourself Challenge

46/100 books. 46% complete

What's In A Name Challenge

3/6 books. 50% complete

Horror & Urban Fantasy Challenge

20/24 books. 83% complete

Off The Shelf Challenge

3/30 books. 10% complete

eBook Challenge

16/20 books. 80% complete

A-Z Challenge

19/26 books. 73% complete

Debut Author Challenge

11/12 books. 92% complete

How is everyone doing with their yearly goals so far? I think I'm still doing okay, as my goal was to read a minimum of 8 books a month, but I'm still neglecting the Off The Shelf Challenge for some reason. Maybe once some of my other challenges are complete, I'll be able to concentract on that one...


  1. I'm definitely not doing well on many of my challenges, but hoping the summer will help that! I have a lot of catching up to do!

    By the way, I really want to know how you get your progress images like that! I love the visual over just using the numbers.

  2. Looks like your challenge are going well! I've read just about the same # of books this year as you - I just finished #48.

  3. Wow for ebooks you have a lot. Love ebooks too & my Sony reader PRS-300. Keep up your goals.