Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BEA - Day Two (Wednesday)

Day two, where I make lemon drop martinis from a lemon of a beginning!

Last day for ticketed signings, so I leave extra early this morning. There's an accident on the way, so I get there later than I did yesterday. So no tickets. Determined to take things with a grain of salt today (for margaritas?), I shrug and go wait in the entrance line. The loooong entrance line:

My first signing is for Lauren Oliver, but I wanted to swing by the publisher booths first to see what they had laid out for us. Sourcebooks had this really cool t-shirt!

Managed to snag several really awesome titles, but on my way to Lauren's signing, I realized I had somehow lost my spreadsheet! The horror! I actually considered going home to print a new list, then two seconds later snapped out of it. I had the book listing all of the autographings, so figured I would work from there. Wish whoever found my spreadsheet had turned it in instead of keeping it (found my map in the garbage at Penguin), but determined to make lemonade out of lemons! Or preferably, something with a little more "kick" to it, like lemon shots! :)

Forgot to take pictures yesterday, so went picture-mad today to make up for it!

Lauren Kate, signing Passion!

The Harlequin booth, organized today instead of mass chaos. Go Harlequin!

Olivia! Too cute!

The infamous "chutes" at the autographing tables

Ally Condie signing Crossed

Kristan Higgins at the Harlequin booth 

Lori Foster! Loving her new series!

The amazing Julie Kagawa, of Iron Fey fame. Go Team Puck! ;)

Whoa! Harlequin has a Julie Kagawa wall at their booth!

Lisa Desrochers at the Romance Writers of America booth

Managed to fill up my suitcase today, so survived quite well without my master plan. Did I miss authors on my list? Yes. Did I have a meltdown? Nope! As you can see, I stumbled across several amazing books that weren't on my master list, which more than makes up for the mini-tragedy this morning!

Looking forward to reading all of the BEA posts, as we're all managing to see different authors and have different experiences. And FYI, I printed out TWO copies of my spreadsheet so I have a backup tomorrow! *L*


  1. Looks like you got to a ton of awesome signings today (despite losing the spreadsheet), yay! I was actually freaking out for you for a second until I read you had another copy, because I can't imagine being so... lost. Especially with BEA being such a huge place. xD

    I LOVE Olivia, did you get a picture with her? And I think the Iron Fey series definitely deserves a wall of its own, though I'll have to disagree with you on TEAM ASH! Haha. Have fun tomorrow! :)

  2. Oh, just noticed LEGEND! AWESOME.

    As an add-on, thanks for doing these great BEA posts. I love reading about all the fun that goes on and, actually, a lot less people are doing BEA posts than I expected. So, thanks! <3

  3. Ok, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you tomorrow. I'm jealous of Blood and other Cravings, love Ellen Datlow. Just judings by title names, it sounds like you have a great group of books on day two.

  4. I just noticed Teeth, I'm really, really jealous now.

  5. Passion? Pure?? Legend??? SO JEALOUS!! Glad you're having a wonderful time!:)

  6. I am so TOTALLY and UNBELIEVABLY jealous right now, Alexia!! :-)

    Enjoy every minute of it!

  7. Ooh! Totally happy you made it without the list and look at those titles! Wow....ooh, I see THE MIDWIFE's CONFESSION among them. FYI...~whispers~ it's good! ^_^

  8. Crossed and Passion! Oh! Oh! Oh! Lucky you getting to meet some super awesome authors and getting some amazing books!
    And sometimes tragedies are blessings in disguise. Glad you made it through without your schedule!

  9. That is an awesome shirt!!!

  10. sighs... sighs... sighs... I can't believe how you get to meet & greet my fave authors. Absolutely sighing in envy of your moments with these authors. WOW... again living BEA through you.

  11. Hey!

    So I'm really sorry I'm slow at replying to your comment on my blog. But it was awesome meeinting you at BEA too! xD I'm glad you had an awesome time! Awesome pile of books!


  12. OMG!! i really wanna read some of these books, thats quite a wicked collection of books