Thursday, May 26, 2011

BEA - Day Three (Thursday)

Day Three, in which I limp home bruised and exhausted, but glad I made it!

Last day of the Expo, so the traffic gods decided to mess with me and I made it in record time! No worries, as I had a great conversation in line with fellow attendees. Once the doors opened, I hustled over to the Houghton Mifflin booth in search of Au Revoir Crazy European Chick, one of the titles featured in the YA Editors Buzz panel. Alas, they didn't have any books available. Couldn't get my hands on The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer either, but did have several amazing-looking books practically shoved in my hands, so think I'll survive. :)

Penguin decided to put out their remaining ARCs all at once, so managed to snag a few must-reads. No more Sarah Dessen books (sorry Tammy!), but it was a madhouse and I'm glad I made it out in one piece!

Walking by HarperCollins, I noticed that there was already a line for the Melissa Marr signing, so I jumped in. Didn't want to chance missing out on a copy of Enthralled as I've missed out on too many books by getting in line too late, so more than happy to wait for over an hour. Amazing how priorities change after a couple disappointments! Since the wait was so long, decided to risk sitting on the floor, unsure if I could get back up or not! *L*

Very nice publishing reps kept us company in line and made sure no one jumped the queue. One incredibly sweet girl brought me an ARC of Shatter Me when I asked if they would be putting any out later. How nice was that? Love HarperCollins!

Melissa couldn't have been nicer, and signed Darkest Mercy for me as well! Thought it was either/or, so very happy that I got both! Not to mention a very cool family tree poster!

Told her how much I enjoyed Graveminder, so was thrilled when I received the best swag ever:

A Graveminder toe tag! Sweet!

Missed the Maureen Johnson signing, but I later heard that they had to cut off the line so I probably wouldn't have gotten a copy anyway. Saw on Twitter that Kristen Painter was signing copies of Blood Rights a few booths over, so headed there next. Got lucky and walked right up!

Headed over to the tables to get a few autographs, then saw on Twitter that Abrams supposedly had the best tote bag of the Expo. As a devoted tote bag fanatic, I had to check this out for myself! Didn't see any sitting out but when I asked, a very nice lady brought me their last bag. How nice! And they were right, as it's an awesome bag! Plan on devoting an entire post to my new totes, as some of them are truly works of art! Might do one on my swag as well, as the exhibitors were very creative this year!

Walked the floor and made a few cool discoveries:

Abram's Diary of a Wimpy Kid blow up

Beautiful poster from the Workman booth. I believe!

Attended the Middle Grade Buzz Fantasy panel, and was happy to sit down as I was running out of steam! Three authors featured, and I was more interested than I expected. They discussed The Unwanteds, Icefall, and The Dragon's Tooth. After the panel, they had a few copies available, but not enough for everyone. 

Did another circuit of the floor, but everyone seemed to have run out of steam as well. The Expo was supposed to stay open until 3pm, but some booths were already starting to pack up and it seemed like everyone was tired. Don't blame them, as it was an exhausting week!

I had been invited to a BEA focus group, but only three of us showed up. Still interesting, and we were probably able to discuss our views in more detail than if there had been a larger group.

Picked up my suitcase from the suitcase corral and realized that I wasn't going to be able to make it to the BBC reception. Could barely walk by this point, so no way could I stand for another two hours. Thought about just going down to say a quick hello to everyone, but no one was there yet. Crushing disappointment, as I still haven't managed to meet several of my favorite bloggers. :(

Limped down to the ferry. The traffic gods were kind again and I made it home in record time. Collapsed as soon as I got there and slept for a couple hours. My poor feet are a mess, and think someone must have stepped on me during one of the galley giveaways as I have a couple of bruised toenails. DH gleefully pointed out that they will probably fall off. DH is evil. So I am bruised, swollen (knee), and pretty sure I'm never going to be able to wear shoes again. Also sad that BEA is over.

Today's books

Can't wait til next year!


  1. The one thing I'm scared of happening if and when I go, is when to find time to read all the books.

  2. Ryan - I'm asking myself that very question! Planning on sorting them into TBR piles, but haven't quite figured out the piles yet. I'm telling you, I really need Hermione's time turner necklace!

  3. Aww, love that globe! And, lol, I know what you mean about the fear of sitting down for never getting back up... hope your feet are feeling more rested today. As for the books: AWESOME! Especially Eve. I'm glad there were some nice people there who passed on a few copies -- perhaps its good karma after your poor first day. :)

  4. I am so sorry I didn't run into you. Next year we need to plan to meet up. I loved your post and yes, my feet hurt too.

    F. Paul Wilson huh? I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I love him too.

  5. Wow....I feel like I just ran through the place! Thanks for the share...hopefully will get to go one of these years. Enjoy your book loot! ^_^

  6. What a great collection of books. Never mind finding the time to read them, which one do you read first?

  7. Your so lucky you live there and get to go!
    Looks like you got some good books! Shatter Me sounds really good and I'm anxious for The Unwanteds too.

  8. I didn't get Mara Dyer either, but I got a t-shirt of it! And I totally agree with your comment about Hermione's time-turner. There are never enough hours in the day to read all the books I want!

  9. OMG! It looks like you had just a great time and received sooooo many great books! All that swelling and bruising is worth it, right?!? :)

  10. loved the toe tag swag - especially since I just read your review on Graveminder. Alexia thank you for sharing this incredible adventure at BEA - again WOW!

    So going to save for a chance next year at BEA 2012.

  11. i really wanna read Mara Dyer, unfortuantely, i never get any ARCs, no matter how hard i try :(