Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mini Challenge: The Page 69 Test

The Page 69 Test

Welcome to my first mini-challenge from the Spring's Serenity Read-a-Thon! This is a week-long read-a-thon, so if you're not signed up yet, you may still have time! Just hop over to The True Book Addict to sign up!

Julie from My Book Retreat is hosting her very first mini-challenge. A few weeks ago, she came across a blog called The Page 69 Test. This test was suggested in a book by John Sutherland called How to Read a Novel: A User's Guide. Basically, he says if you're browsing books and want to find out if you'd be interested in a particular book, you should read page 69. This should give you an idea as to whether the book is right for you.

So the mini-challenge is to go to page 69 of the book that you're currently reading and tell us about it. What is happening on the page and does it impact the way you feel about the book?

I'm currently reading Bitter Frost by Kailin Gow. On page 69, Breena is trying to find out how the Winter Prince and the Pixie King found her in the human world. Kian, the Winter Prince, explains that Breena may have unintentionally given out a "signal" now that she's come of age. Apparently, once a fairy is of age to marry, their magic becomes much stronger. Or, as Breena puts it, they go into fairy heat!  :o

Thought that this page went well with the spirit of the book, as it explained why Kian and Breena were drawn to each other. And her reaction at learning why showed her sense of humor. I think that if I had done the Page 69 Test before reading, I would have definitely picked this one up!


  1. Sarah is wishing and Michael is sighing. Then it's the next day and she is having breakfast.

    Not too exciting - I was hoping we would get to know about the wish - but not yet!

    It doesn't impact the way I feel about the book.

  2. Great to hear that the test worked. :-) Sounds like an interesting book. Hope you're enjoying it!

  3. Sounds interesting! Hope you're enjoying the read-a-thon. =O)

  4. Sorry you didn't get to read as many books as you wanted last weekend but it was probably because you had other fun things to do.
    Besides my reading I ran a 5k road race in the next town and did well for an older guy.