Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reading Challenge Check-In (2)

Reading Challenge Check-In (2)
I'm trying to keep a closer eye on my reading challenges this year, so will try to do monthly check-ins in order to keep on track. Still on track, so hope this year will be better than last year!

100 Books In A Year Challenge

20/100 books. 20% complete

Outdo Yourself Challenge

20/100 books. 20% complete

What's In A Name Challenge

2/6 books. 33% complete

Horror & Urban Fantasy Challenge

10/24 books. 42% complete

Off The Shelf Challenge

3/30 books. 10% complete

eBook Challenge

6/20 books. 30% complete

A-Z Challenge

14/26 books. 54% complete

Debut Author Challenge

5/12 books. 42% complete

How is everyone doing with their yearly goals so far? I'm doing okay number wise, as I wanted to read a minimum of 8 books a month, but need to start reading more of my older titles for the Off The Shelf challenge. Otherwise, I'm pleased with my progress.


  1. Thats an awful lot of challenges to be keeping up with - good luck.

  2. I stand in awe of your progress. Go Alexia, GO! ^_^

  3. Wow! You are doing a pretty good job on your challenges so far. I gotta ask . . . how do you do the progress charts? I love!!!