Sunday, March 27, 2011

In My Mailbox (69)

In My Mailbox (69)
In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. I always find something to add to my wishlist through IMM! Goodreads links are included if you want more information on the books.

For Review:

Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky
Received an ARC of Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky from Amazon Vine. Love the sound of this one!

Maddie lives in a world where everything is done on the computer. Whether it’s to go to school or on a date, people don’t venture out of their home. There’s really no need. For the most part, Maddie’s okay with the solitary, digital life - until she meets Justin.

Clarity by Kim Harrington
Received an ARC of Clarity by Kim Harrington from Amazon Vine. I've seen a few mentions of this one around the blogosphere and it looks good!

When you can see things others can't, where do you look for the truth? Clarity "Clare" Fern sees things. Things no one else can see. Things like stolen kisses and long-buried secrets. All she has to do is touch a certain object, and the visions come to her. It's a gift. And a curse.

From the Library:

The Complaints
I love Ian Rankin's John Rebus series, so am excited that he is starting a brand new series with The Complaints. Malcolm Fox is no John Rebus, but I have high hopes for him!

With The Complaints, we have the first novel by Ian Rankin featuring a new protagonist, another Edinburgh copper, Malcolm Fox. But Fox is quite a different character to his predecessor, although both men are imposing physically. For a start, Fox doesn't drink and is initially less confrontational than the bolshie Rebus.... Fox is part of the unpopular Complaints & Conduct department of the police force (better known as ‘The Complaints’) -- and the reason for that unpopularity is clear to see: this is the department designed to root out corruption in the force and investigate suspect officers.

Treachery In Death
Treachery In Death is the newest book in the Eve Dallas series. Love this series!

Detective Eve Dallas and her partner, Peabody, are following up on a senseless crime-an elderly grocery owner killed by three stoned punks for nothing more than kicks and snacks. This is Peabody's first case as primary detective-good thing she learned from the master.

Bitter Frost by Kailin Gow
Could resist picking up a copy of Bitter Frost by Kailin Gow, as it sounds right up my alley!

All her life, Breena had always dreamed about fairies as though she lived among them...beautiful fairies living among mortals and living in Feyland. In her dreams, he was always there the breathtakingly handsome but dangerous Winter Prince, Kian, who is her intended. When Breena turns sixteen, she begins seeing fairies and other creatures mortals don't see.

What did you get in your mailbox this week?


  1. i'm in Amazon Vine too! i saw your IMM post on The Story Siren and thought i'd check you out. :)

    looks like we're also doing some of the same challenges! small world, no?

  2. You've got some great books this week! I deseparatly waiting for Awaken. I love the cover and it sounds very cool. Here's what I got this week:
    Happy reading!

  3. Awaken sounds killer! Plus I've dying to read Clarity, too. :)

    (My IMM)

  4. Awaken looks and sounds amazing! I shall be keeping an eye out for it!!!

  5. a great selection. What an unusual cover Awaken has, I can't make up my mind if I like it or not.

  6. Awaken sounds awesome will have to put it on my wishlist. I love the In Death series - it's sooooo good.
    Happy reading.

  7. I love love love the cover of Awaken! GREAT looking reads!

  8. Fab set! I really want to read Clarity. Bitter Frost has a great cover.
    My IMM

  9. The cover of The Awakening is gorgeous and you have some wonderful mysteries ahead of you. Enjoy!

  10. Awaken, like everyone else, is the book that everyone is waiting for quite anxiously (as you can see!)
    Not only is the cover gorgeous but the premise is so interesting.

    Clarity was a great read, I hope you enjoy it.

    I'm a new follower and I'm so glad I came by!

    Stop by and see me!

    Kristi-The Book Faery