Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Wither

Book Review:   Wither by Lauren DeStefano Wither by Lauren DeStefano

Source:  ARC received from the publisher

Rating:  4/5

What if you knew exactly when you would die?

Thanks to modern science, every human being has become a ticking genetic time bomb - males only live to age twenty-five, and females only live to age twenty. In this bleak landscape, young girls are kidnapped and forced into polygamous marriages to keep the population from dying out.

When sixteen-year-old Rhine Ellery is taken by the Gatherers to become a bride, she enters a world of wealth and privilege. Despite her husband Linden's genuine love for her, and a tenuous trust among her sister wives, Rhine has one purpose: to escape - to find her twin brother and go home.

But Rhine has more to contend with than losing her freedom. Linden's eccentric father is bent on finding an antidote to the genetic virus that is getting closer to taking his son, even if it means collecting corpses in order to test his experiments. With the help of Gabriel, a servant Rhine is growing dangerously attracted to, Rhine attempts to break free, in the limited time she has left.(Goodreads)

My Thoughts:

This book was amazing! I really liked Rhine. Her determination to escape her forced marriage and somehow make it back to her brother so they could live out the remainder of their lives together was admirable. Linden surprised me a little, as he seemed terribly naive and somewhat gullible for a rich boy. I enjoyed how Rhine managed their relationship on her terms, but wasn't too manipulative. Rhine's sister-wives were also interesting, although not as likable. Really liked Rhine's interaction with the servants, and would have liked to have seen more of them.

Fascinating premise, in that genetic manipulation had resulted in short lifespans for subsequent generations, while the originally altered generation is practically immortal. How horrible to know the exact age you will die, and so young! It's a little disturbing to read of young girls getting married and having babies when they're practically babies themselves, but when you're destined to die at 20, I can sort of understand. Still creepy though.

Gave this one a 4/5 as it had interesting characters, a good plot, and was well paced. Looking forward to seeing what book two has in store, as I have high hopes for Rhine!


  1. Great review! I'm really looking forward to reading this one, it sounds so fascinating.

  2. Eek, I'm not actually reading this because I'm planning on typing up my own review tonight, but I agree on the 4/5 rating. And isn't the cover lovely? *o*

  3. Oh this is one I have my eye on! Sounds like you loved it and I can not wait to get my grubby hands on this one!

  4. Alexia, we are on the same blog wave. This is twice I have seen something on your blog that I am doing on mine (first was the comment discussion) and now I am in the middle of my Wither review and yours pops up in my feed reader.

    I think we're destined to be soul mates or something. ha!

    (LOVED Wither!)

  5. Oh, you got this one! I'm so glad to see you enjoyed it. I've been on the wall about it and just not sure, but this has helped me teeter to the wanting side. :) Thanks!

  6. Yay, so glad you loved this one! I was worried it might be a tad depressing, hopefully the characters make up for it!

  7. Sounds interesting. I knew I knew the title but not the author - it turns out I was thinking of Wither by J G Passarella.

  8. I keep hearing such great things about Wither! I wasn't too interested in reading it at first, but now I really want to get my hands on a copy! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  9. Oh! This one is nearing the top of my TBR right now, so I could only skim your review....but even the skim helped build the anticipation for this one. Can't wait to dive in! ^_^

  10. I have this book on my tbr list and I'm looking forward reading it. The premise does sounds nice. ;)

  11. I had mixed reactions to this one. I gave it a 3.5 star only because I felt the ending was rushed. I agree that the beginning sucked me right in and then it faltered towards the end. I'll still be interested in seeing where the author will take this next.

    Great review as always.