Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: Lost Gate

 The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card

Source:  ARC provided by Media Masters Publicity

Rating:  4/5

Dan North knows from early childhood that his family is different - and that the differences are secrets that can never be told. This contemporary Urban Fantasy introduces the North family, a clan of mages in exile in our world, and their enemies who will do anything to keep them locked here. (Goodreads synopsis)

My Thoughts:

Orson Scott Card is a legend for a reason, as he's a master at his craft! The man is a freaking genius when it comes to creating new worlds and stories! I got sucked into this book from the very beginning, and it kept my interest until the very end. There are actually two stories in this book, one about Danny North and one about Wad, a mysterious boy/man on Westil.

Danny is a Drekka, one without magic, so he is looked down upon by the rest of his clan. The North clan were once worshipped as gods by humans, as they were very powerful mages. Their power has waned over the centuries, ever since Loki closed all of the gates leading back to their homeland of Westil. Little does Danny know, but he is a gatemage, with the potential to reopen the lost gates and return his clan to power! Of course, why he would want to help those that made him so miserable as a child is anyones guess. Danny runs away when he is discovered spying on a family meeting, as gatemages are supposed to be put to death immediately. He is surprisingly resourceful for a formerly sheltered child.

Wad is another story altogether. Really liked his "introduction" to Westil, as it was unique. He has no memory of his past, and is taken in by the night cook at King Prayard's castle and quickly settles in. Very little castle intrigue escapes his notice, as he quietly observes everything around him. We don't really know who or what Wad is, but I had a good idea about halfway through his story.

Gave this one a 4/5 as both Danny and Wad's stories are very good, and they mesh nicely. Card is an incredibly talented writer, with an incredible imagination! This book has it all; interesting characters, good plot, nice pacing. If you're a fan of fantasy, mythology, or just good storytelling, then this book is for you!


  1. I love his work too! So glad you reviewed this!

  2. I've never read his work before, but I remember seeing this one crop up online. Yep, definite "cover" interest...and with a review like this, how can one not be interested. Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  3. I've never read his work *blushes* but plan to change that. Looks like I'm missing out.

  4. Oh I so wanted to read this book. Tried for an early copy, but now with this review, I need to get it! It's on the wishlist now!

  5. I've been thinking this sounds good! I've read two of his books and I didn't really care for that particular series (it's an old one, but don't remember the name of it) but I think this one sounds great!

  6. I love it when an author creates a world that is this believable, thanks for recommending this.

  7. I'm reading this one now. :) I'm not far into it, but I really like the idea of the world created here. :) Thanks for the great review and so glad to see you enjoyed it. :) That gives me great hopes.

  8. Oh, I wanted to stop back by to let you know I have an award for you. ;) I think you might like this one. :) Stop by...

  9. I've read some mixed reviews on this one though I still plan on reading it someday. Thanks for your review since it helped firm my idea of reading it.