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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I haz a ponder....about contest themes

I haz a ponder....about contest themes

It's been awhile since my last giveaway and I think it's about time to spread the love around, as I have stacks of books on every available surface and not only is my DH starting to give me the evil eye, but I'm worried one of the stacks might tumble over and bury me or my cat! DH can take care of himself, as he keeps glaring at my precious books! :p

I was thinking about doing something a little different, but not sure what. Should I try a comment contest, like the ones Sheila over at Book Journey has every now and again? I could even follow her lead and have two winners, one for the most comments and one for a random comment.

Or maybe come up with an intriguing question to ask and let the best answer win? But then there's the problem of coming up with a good question. Then deciding on the best answer. Hmmmm....that might need more pondering.

I haz a ponder....about contest themes

I've seen contests where you vote on which book you would like to receive and the book with the most votes is awarded to the winner. Sort of like a popularity contest. But should the prize winner be chosen from someone who voted for it, or chosen from the entire voting pool? *ponders*

Or I could just have a regular contest and let the random number generator choose the winner for me. No muss, no fuss.

But I'd like something a little different this time. Maybe you guys could help me out a little? What kind of contest sounds good? I'll put up a poll for a week and go with whatever the majority chooses. After all, you'll be the ones entering the giveaway, so why not let you decide? That's what I'll do! It's in your hands readers! I've set up a poll over on the right sidebar, so please cast your vote so I can quit all this pondering!


  1. Good question....off to vote! ^_^

  2. Haha, now this is why I like to keep my contests simple... But I like cover contests (take pieces from different covers and give extra points to entrants for naming the book), if you want to think about that. Other than that, I prefer random.org, no fuss ones.

  3. I like to keep it simple myself. But any giveaway is a good one!


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