Sunday, February 13, 2011

Comment Ramblings...

Comment Ramblings...

There have been several interesting discussion posts about commenting recently. Ranging from why readers do or don't comment, to how should bloggers answer comments, to should bloggers reciprocate by leaving comments on their commenter's blogs. Opinions seem to be mixed.

So, do I comment on other's blogs? Not as often as I should. *hangs head in shame* Most of the time, I read blog posts through Google Reader. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to leave a comment without going directly to the blog. If there is a shortcut, could someone please let me know? I do my best to visit the blogs I follow and leave comments, but it's not always possible. If I don't comment, it's usually because I feel that I don't have anything to add. I really need to be a better follower and should try to at least let the poster know that I enjoyed reading their post. Even a simple "I enjoyed your post" is better than nothing, right? Or should I only comment if I have something relevant to add to the discussion? Comment etiquette is so confusing! *headdesk*

And what about commenting on the comments? Some bloggers acknowledge every single comment and that's awesome! That's one thing that Wordpress has over Blogger; the ability to leave replies to each comment. Wish Blogger would do something similar. I've tried to do acknowledgements on my posts, but fail miserably. Usually because I'm not able to check my blog every day, and three days later seems a little late. Sometimes it's just a matter of time. I can answer my comments (which I'm not sure anyone would even see), or catch up on reading new posts. Between the two, I'd rather catch up on what's happening in the blogosphere.

As for reciprocating comments? I try. I know that it's a little discouraging to hop around the blogosphere, discovering new blogs and leaving tons of comments, then come home to zero comments on your posts. Especially if you're participating in a blog hop or meme. Do I leave comments just so someone will reciprocate? Nope. I leave comments because I have something to say, I want to participate in the discussion, or to let the blogger know that I read/enjoyed their post (sort of like "Killroy was here" *L*). I try to visit all bloggers who leave me a comment and return the favor, but isn't that common courtesy? Am I 100% successful at this? No. But I try....

There was a great instructional post recently over at Miss Remmers Reviews on how to add a HTML link to your comments. This made sense, as it would make things much easier when trying to reciprocate comments. I'm going to try this when I participate in memes and hops, with either a link to a specific post or a general link to my blog. That way, if someone wants to visit me, all they have to do is click on the link. Sincerely hope that no one is offended by this and doesn't think I'm trying to spam them. I'm just trying to make things easier, as I know that I appreciate it when people leave links.

Wish I could remember where I found all of the posts that got me thinking about this, but I didn't think to bookmark them. Here's a couple of posts from Books Devoured about the subject. She's an awesome blogger, so be sure to stop by and check her out!

 Sunday Stew (follow up to above post)

Whoa! This post is a lot longer than I thought it would be! Sorry for rambling on so long, but I'm still trying to figure this whole comment thing out...

As for the cat up at the top of this post...he just makes me smile. :)


  1. When you read a post in Google Reader, the post title should be highlighted in blue. If you click on the title, it takes you immediately to the blog post itself. Makes it easy to read, then click over to comment. Hope this was helpful. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Okay, that was pretty silly...I had my whole comment ready to go, and I was adding a link...but I put the wrong one in....

    Long story short, I try to visit and comment on blogs and to visit the actual site instead of reading them in a reader. Mainly because I like to enjoy what the blog looks like and see what else is there.

    I only recently learned how to do HTML to create links in comments, so I try to do that to make it easier to come and visit my site. Not to spam you...but in case you want to visit...LOL

    Here's my SUNDAY SALON

  3. I'm like you, it seems. I comment, but not as much as I should or wish I could. I really *want* to respond to all the comments I receive because I really *do* appreciate them, but usually after I write a post I end up wandering off to look at shiny things and not getting back for a few days and then thinking, "oh, nobody will even be back to read responses even if I *do* finally get around to replying."

    I usually comment on blogs only if I feel like I have something meaningful to add to the conversation or if I read a particularly good review that earns a "wow, think I'll put this on my wish list" comment.

    I can never decide whether my time is better spent replying to comments on my own blog or trolling my Google Reader for other blogs to comment on.

    So, I guess I'm as screwed up about comments as you are, so I'm not much help, but I can definitely sympathize! ;-)

  4. I try to comment on anything that I find interesting or that I can agree on. I'd rather not just write "Great Review!" and move on.The whole commenting thing has been a bit of a struggle for me lately. As bloggers we put so much time and effort into writing review. At the end of the day if you don't have one comment on it it can be a bit discouraging.

  5. Hi Alexia,
    Thanks so much for the links! I agree with Girl on a Mission, it is frustrating to put in so much work and then not have a single comment. I am really bad at time management, that is why I do not comment a lot, well one of the reasons. I am still undecided about what I will do. I may change to a different comment system but I am not sure. They all have drawbacks in my opinion. This is a difficult issue that does not seem to have a right or wrong answer. Thanks again, I kinda love being called awesome! =D

  6. Indigo - Thank you! Since Google owns both Blogger and the Reader, I'm hoping they'll someday come up with a way to comment directly from the Reader.

    Laurel-Rain - I like seeing the actual blog designs too,as some of our fellow bloggers are amazingly creative! But due to time constraints, sometimes it's use the reader or it explodes. I get twitchy whenever my unread posts breaks the 1000+ mark! :(

  7. Megan - Too funny! I wander off to look at pretty, shiny things all the time! Glad to know that I'm not the only one struggling with this. Thank you! *hugs*

    Girl on a Mission - That's what I'm still trying to decide... should I leave a short comment just to let them know the post has been read, or is that somehow insulting? *sigh*

  8. Shannon - I'm horrible at time management too, but am trying to do better. Trying, but not always succeeding. *L* You are totally awesome and I always enjoy your posts, so thanks for the inspiration! And look at me, answering comments! Woo hoo! :D

  9. Hmm, I asked a comment question on my survey, mostly because I was curious as to what makes people comment. Either you saw that or we are just two very awesome like-minded people. :)

    I know a lot of Blogger bloggers tend to reply via email to comments since writing up a really long comment to reply to many people can take time. It can take two seconds to hit "reply" on the comment (if email address is activated) and answer a question or something.

    I try to reply to all comments only because I love chatting a little too much. heh If there are questions in the comments I will probably reply directly to the person if it doesn't particularly apply to the post or blog.

    I'm just curious how some blogs seem to have comments on all posts, regardless of topic and some don't.

    I tend to only come out of my feed reader when I have something to say. So, yeah, I don't help the problem. =P

    I love that grumpy cat.

  10. I have to say I try to comment back to comments on my blog, even if I'm a few days late (which is usually this way these days). But I also try to visit all blogs. And YES this have become near impossible anymore with all the blogs I follow. I don't have time for commenting everywhere, like I use to try to do. And I do feel bad about it. I do try to visit all the blogs that do comment on my blog. Then read through my blogging roll to see what everyone else is saying, but I can't always comment everywhere. Boy, I wish I could. But I can't. I'm only human. :) And I don't expect everyone else to feel that way either. Just to know people are stopping by and reading makes me feel better. :)

  11. Cat - You and Shannon are both awesome like-minded people! I'm curious how some blogs seem to get tons of comments too, so if you ever discover the secret, please share! ;)

    Melissa - That's part of my problem too, in that I'm following so many blogs that it's hard to keep up. I don't want to stop following anyone, but feel bad when I can't comment as often as I want.

  12. Great post!! If I took the time to read someone's post or review, I'll generally leave a comment, even if it's short just to let them know i was there and read it.

    I usually reply to blog comments by going to their blog and commenting instead of replying on my own blog, just b/c I hardly ever go back to blogs and see if the person has replied to something i've said on their own blog. Does that make sense??

    Thanks for posting this and the links!

  13. Interesting post Alexia! I agree it can be impossible to comment on everyone's blog I/we follow but I truly try my best. What helps me is that I put live feed of about 20 blogs on my side bar and about 5 different rotating blogs feed that just recently posted something. This helps me when I want to comment on different blogs. Do I always reply to comments on my blog? Honestly I try my best but sometimes I don't get to respond to everyones comments *sad face*. I do see that you comment on my blog *Paper Cut Reviews* and I wanted to say THANK YOU and I do read them all=)

    Have a great week!

  14. I feel pretty much the same as you do. I don't comment enough =O( , I try to answer comments on my blog, but... I'm with you, it's all very confusing. I tried Intense Debate for a while, but ended up going back to blogger comments because ID was not very reliable. I did like the ability to respond to peoples' comments via email, but the disappearing comments system was a pain and also having to log in about 3 or 4 times before it would work. Yes, blogger needs a response comment system like Wordpress...definitely! It is really hard to reply to every comment, although I do try. But we all get busy. It's just the way life is. It's the effort that counts, right?

  15. I try to respond to comments left but I suck horribly at it. I generally read them in my email actually so sometimes it's easier to respond that way. Unfortunately if it's a no reply address that's no possible.

    I comment on about 80 percent of the posts I read. I don't like to leave comments, like you, unless I really have something to say or add.

  16. +JMJ+

    I once joined a really popular meme--the sort that can get 100 participants on a good week. I had a lot of time on my hands that day and the next, so I made sure to visit all the eighty-four other participants and leave each one a meaningful comment--even those which were written in other languages. =P (Thank you, to Mademoiselle Javier, my high school French teacher!)

    And how many did I get back, you are likely wondering?


    I'm sure many of the bloggers I left comments for answered me in their own comboxes; but the hop-like nature of the meme kind of raises the expectation that one will return visits, you know?

    By the way, thanks for visiting my group blog, Alexia! =)

  17. Same here! There's a handful I try to visit every day but life doesn't always permit. Most always I comment back so that's the surest way for me to make it to a site. Trust me, it's not cuz I don't luvs ya...just Busy busy busy. As for the lurk with no comment (LOL), I've done it too on occasion when I REALLY couldn't think of anything to say...and I feel you on the "no comment" pain too. I try to chalk it up to people being busy...

    Short cut? suggestion I have would be to check out a program called FeedDemon. Sounds scary, but it's's pretty cool. Danielle (the1stdaughter) told me about it way back when and I've used itmany times since. It syncs with GR too. I still have the link in my email if you want to check it out., just drop me a line. ^_^

    Oh and the cat...made me smile too. Happy reading...and commenting (or not...hehe). ^_^

  18. Carrie - Agreed! Not everyone comes back to check or subscribes to comment responses.

    Steph - I've got some blogs on my sidebar, but had to cut back on the number as it seemed to make my page load slower. I'm still trying to make up my mind on what to do... Thanks for the feedback!

    Michelle - I was actually considering Intense Debate, but saw that you weren't happy with it and why, so have scratched that idea.

  19. Ryan - Whoa! Commenting on 80% of the posts you read is awesome! You've given me something to strive for! :)

    Enbrethiliel - Only 11 return visits out of 84? That would be discouraging, especially since you made the effort. Guess in that case, I'd prefer return visits. Especially with a hop.

    GMR - You are great at commenting!I'll check out FeedDemon, as that's a pretty cool name!

  20. Hmmmm...this question has been around longer than I have. After book blogging, I sort of stopped caring about comments. Don't get me wrong, I have my online friends. They give me writing support and I try to do the same. This is of course done through commenting.

    I only read blogs from FB and sometimes Twitter. If someone comments on my blog, I do the same.

    As far as commenting without leaving the RSS reader page, try FeedDemon. There is a way to comment on that without ever leaving the site. It's what I use to use when I was book blogging.