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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cat Thursday (34)

Welcome to Cat Thursday, hosted by Michelle at The True Book Addict! Cat Thursday is a way to highlight pictures of cats, little tidbits about what our kitties are up to, or any snippets about cats we've come across. Love cats and love funny pictures, so wanted to share my latest find with you!

funny pictures-Thank you, but I do believe I shall be remaining indoors today

This is how I felt yesterday morning, when I woke up to another 6 inches outside.
I know it's only January, but I'm already tired of snow!


  1. I can only imagine! We have not gotten snow, but definitely have the cold temps! Stay warm!

  2. Oh, I absolutely LOVE this one! I don't live in an area where it snows, but I can imagine that inconveniences and very real hazards...good for curling up to read, though.

    Here's my Cat Thursday:

  3. That is perfect for the weather we've all been having lately. You are so good at finding the best cat pictures!! :-)

  4. Typical cat to be thinking of its comfort.

  5. Too funny! My boys were off school ALL week because of the weather. I'm just a little bit overwhelmed and, unlike the cat in your pic, I think I will be going outside...LOL! And they're off on Monday for MLK day. I sure hope the weather cooperates and the snow days are over. For a while anyway! I love how there always seem to be lolz for any of our moods!

  6. That's awesome. and that's basically how I feel everyday, LOL

  7. LOL! That is SO what my dogs think when they see the rain outside too. They look at you like "You've GOT to be kidding me. You want me to go out there?" ^_^


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