Sunday, November 21, 2010

Secret Santa Mania!

Despite the crazy traffic and all the stress involved, I've always enjoyed the Christmas holidays. And one of my favorite activities is the Secret Santa exchange! I've participated in Secret Santas at school, bowling leagues, and various jobs, so was really disappointed that I missed the blogosphere version last year. I was determined to participate this time around! So what do I do? I got so caught up in work that I almost missed it again! :o  

Luckily, I have some blogging buddies who are more on the ball than I've been lately, and they gave me the heads up on several gift exchanges out there.

Have to admit that I got a little nervous when the first few blogs I went to had already closed their sign ups, but was able to sneak in under the wire for three awesome Secret Santa-type exchanges! And I'm excited because when I checked my email yesterday, I have my Secret Santa assignments! I've already visited their blogs, and all three look like awesome bloggers!

Am really looking forward to shopping for my book blogging giftees! Don't really like shopping in general, but I LOVE shopping for books! And if a few things accidentally slip into the stack with my name on them, well....accidents happen.  :)

The only thing I haven't decided is whether I should stay anonymous or not. What do you think? Should Secret Santas stay a secret? Or is it more fun to make new friends after spilling the beans?


  1. I think that you should spill the beans after it's all over. I'd want to know who to thank for my special gifts!

  2. Hi Alexia;
    Hope your Secret Santa is as fun as you hope.
    Maybe your secret Santa could give you a one week get away to the Carribean. No, that's what I want.

  3. You should reveal yourself! I was dying to know my Secret Santa's last year! :)

  4. Ah yes..always loved the secret Santa exchanges....have fun! ^_^

  5. I love the Holidays and think that Secret Santas are great. I thinkt he beans should be spilt once all is over - it's always fun to send thank yous.