Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: The Twisted Path Home

The Twisted Path Home by Fae Bidgoli

Source:  Review copy received from Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists

Rating:  3/5

It is 1991. Arezoo, an Iranian woman, is living in Berkeley, California with her second husband Robert, and working as a university professor. Recurring, terrifying dreams of eminent death lead her into therapy with a widely respected psychotherapist. As her memories unfold during therapy sessions, she flashes back to painful memories of her first marriage to Afshin, an Iranian man. Still, the dreams continue, prompting Arezoo to try hypnosis. Arezoo's life takes an unexpected turn under hypnosis and she begins to channel the dramatic life story of Sogand, a woman who lived in a village in Persia (now Iran) in the late 1800's. This seemingly inexplicable experience, and her sudden, intimate knowledge of Sogand's identity leads Arezoo back to Iran after many years in America. Through this woman's history Arezoo makes some life changing discoveries - key to both her past and her ex-husband's tortured, secret life. (Goodread synopsis)

My Thoughts:
Lately, I've found books about reincarnation hard to resist and I'm always on the lookout for new ones. I like the whole idea of reincarnation, but haven't made up my mind about the subject yet. So when I was offered the opportunity to review this story of an Iranian woman who may be the reincarnation of a Persian girl, I was happy to agree!

The story gives us glimpses into Sogand's life, but mainly deals with Arezoo, a modern woman living in America. After a traumatic early marriage, Arezoo has settled down with a good job and a happy second marriage, yet is troubled by horrible nightmares. Trying to find a resolution, she faces the dawning realization that she could be the reincarnation of a child bride from the 1800s.

Overall, this was an okay story. Some parts were rather dry, and the language was stilted at times. There was no mention of this story being translated, so I'm assuming it's because English is not the author's native tongue. Even with the stilted language, it was still interesting enough for me to want to finish the book.


  1. Hmmmm...I've never seen this one. Thanks for the review, Alexia. :-)

  2. We read this as a book club read but sadly I missed it as I was ill. Having heard various reviews of it (our group were split 50-50)I'm not too certain I will get around to it any time soon. thanks for your opinions on it.

  3. Hi Alexia;
    Enjoyed your review, it's certainly an area that can be difficult to deal with. I lost a son years ago and usually pull back when I read of reincarnation or communicating with deceased spirits.

  4. Shannon - I haven't seen much about this one online, so not surprised you haven't heard of it.

    Petty Witter - I can see a book club being divided over this story, as it's not for everyone.

    Mike - The subject of reincarnation can be a touchy one. Sorry to hear about your son...

  5. Hmm...interesting review. Sounds like it has promise...and I admit the subject of reincarnation is rather fascinating, especially in fiction, you never quite know where the author is going to take you.