Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review: Blood Lite II: Overbite

Blood Lite II: Overbite Anthology edited by Kevin J. Anderson

Source:  Review copy received from the publisher

Rating:  4/5

From the Horror Writers Association comes a brand-new collection of darkly humorous tales! The Big Questions of Life (and Death)...

Can a killer’s basement blood-feast be a tax write-off (under Entertainment)? Not if Vlad the IRS agent nails him first in Heather Graham’s "Death and Taxes." What does a pack of hungry she-wolves do to solve their man troubles? Ladies Night Out takes a wicked turn in "Dog Tired (of the Drama!)" by L. A. Banks. How far will an elite call girl go to beat a murder rap? Stuck with a dead client in a luxury L.A. hotel room, she might strike a costly bargain with a woman of unearthly powers in Allison Brennan’s "Her Lucky Day."  Who actually writes those tabloid stories about Bigfoot? Meet a journalist of the unexplained (she’s 50 percent demon) and her boyfriend (he’s 100 percent thief), as they heat up a museum exhibition that’s also a soul-snatching battleground in "Lucifer’s Daughter" by Kelley Armstrong. (Goodreads synopsis)

My Thoughts:
Another great anthology, this time from the Horror Writers Association. The theme for this anthology is dark humor, which is one of my favorites! Dark humor can make even a horrifying subject enjoyable, and some of these stories are so dark that they border on twisted!

Don't think there's a weak story in this collection, but some of them just aren't my taste. I can still appreciate them though, so think this is a great collection! My favorites are Dark Carbuncle by Kevin J Anderson and Janis Ian (a rock & roll singer's worst nightmare); Tails by John R Little (I always wanted a tail!); and A Wing and a Prayer by Sharyn McCrumb (college dean appoints an unusual dept chairman). And we get a great story featuring Hope and Karl from the wonderful Kelley Armstrong! While Clay and Elena are my favorites, Hope and Karl are pretty good too.

So if you want a taste of some darkly humorous tales, then I can highly recommend this collection! There's a little bit of everything in this anthology, so you're sure to find something you like!


  1. I'll pass on this one, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I love the cover and am really into Kelley Armstrong at the moment - I just cannot bring myself to enjoy short stories as I somehow always end up feeling frustrated and disappointed that the stories weren't longer.

  3. It seems to run that way with anthologies from what I've seen...some of the stories you like, and some..not so much. Glad to hear that some of them hit the mark for you in this collection...definitely with Petty Witter there on the cover...very striking. Happy reading! ^_^

  4. I have the first anthology and loved it. I wasn't aware that they had done a second one, so I think it's going on my list. Thanks so much for the review.

  5. Oh I have this one in my review pile. :) I can't wait until I finally get to it. So glad to see you enjoyed it. :) I am really looking forward to it, now even more.

  6. Thanks for the review. I didn’t know a second Blood Lite anthology had been published. I enjoyed the first one. Humor and horror are strangely wonderful together! Since this one has a story by Kelley Armstrong, I’ll definitely have to look it up.

  7. I love horror short stories! I will definitely check this one out!