Monday, November 29, 2010

Book Review: Moonlight Mile

Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane

Source:  Review copy received from the publisher

Rating:  4/5

Amanda McCready was four years old when she vanished from a Boston neighborhood twelve years ago. Desperate pleas for help from the child's aunt led investigators Kenzie and Gennaro to take on the case. The pair risked everything to find the young girl - only to orchestrate her return to a neglectful mother and a broken home. Now Amanda is sixteen - and gone again... In their desperate fight to confront the past and find Amanda McCready, Kenzie and Gennaro will be forced to question if it's possible to do the wrong thing and still be right or to do the right thing and still be wrong. As they face an evil that goes beyond broken families and broken dreams, they discover that the sins of yesterday don't always stay buried and the crimes of today could end their lives. (Goodreads synopsis)

My Thoughts:
This book is a sequel of sorts to Gone Baby Gone, which I read several years ago. That book stayed with me, so I was anxious to find out what happened to little Amanda, who is now sixteen. Life hasn't been easy for Amanda or her aunt, but at least they had each other. So when Amanda disappears again, it's Aunt Bea who calls on Angie and Patrick to find Amanda once again, and how can they say no? Well, Patrick does say no at first, but you know he'll eventually change his mind, as the original case has haunted him all these years.

Angie and Patrick have been out of the game for awhile, so they've gotten a little soft. Thank goodness they still have Bubba to watch their backs! And they need him, as Amanda's mother has been associating with some pretty shady characters. The odds were stacked against Amanda and she probably should have wound up a loser like her mom, but from what Patrick can piece together, she's turned out pretty well. But why would a girl with such a bright future disappear? And why do so many "bad guys" want Patrick to back off?

This story goes a few places I didn't expect, but it's still believable. The writing is as excellent as always, as Lehane is very talented. Good pacing and good characters make this a great read! I was happy to see Angie and Patrick again and hope Lehane doesn't keep them retired, as they make a great couple!


  1. Glad to see this one panned out for you! I had seen the title around and toyed with the idea of reading it but alas, I hadn't read the first one and didn't want to have a tarnished opinion of the book due to lack of prior reading. I'm a newbie to this authors works having only read SHUTTER ISLAND earlier this year, but so far his others works I've run across in reviews seem to speak to the author's writing range. Might just check this one out at a future time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Another great review, Alexia! I haven't seen these and they sound really good. :-)