Monday, October 4, 2010

Review: Gerry Tales by Gerry Boylan

Gerry Tales by Gerry Boylan

Source: ARC provided by Phenix & Phenix Litarary Publicists

Rating: 4/5

In this collection of personal essays, Gerry Boylan recounts a lifetime of adventures and misadventures. His stories are sweet, loopy, and hilarious, ranging from hitchhiking experiences gone awry to the birth of his first child (sans painkillers or doctors, but with pinochle-playing buddies and malted milkshakes). Whether he's fleeing in terror from a marauding bat or causing a thousand-bicycle pileup in Beijing, he'll have you laughing at his unique mixture of lunacy and heart. (Goodreads synopsis)

My Thoughts:
I love the subtitle of this book: How I Lived Happily Ever After Despite Stabbing Myself in the Back, Scalding My Cojones, and Really Pissing Off My Wife During Childbirth! Gerry talks about these subjects, and many more! It reminds me a little of Dave Barry's collection of columns, only the author bio doesn't mention that Gerry was ever a columnist, so guess he's just a good writer with lots of funny stories. And boy, are they funny!

Gerry grew up in a large Irish Catholic family in the 1950's. Not sure why so many Irish Catholic Baby Boomers grow up with so many amusing stories, but maybe it has something to do with having so many siblings? Whatever the reason, I really enjoyed this book! None of the stories rang false, and it was a fast, fun read.

Gave this book a 4/5 as the stories were amusing, Gerry is a talented writer, and none of the stories were silly or boring. A great book if you're looking for an amusing collection of short tales.

You can learn more about the very amusing Mr. Boylan at his website: 


  1. Not usually a fan of these essay type books but I think I could make an exception for this one - it sounds like a really fuuny read with just the kind of stories I like.

  2. Despite my lack of cover draw to this one...the subtitle and your glimpse of it's contents actually sounds kind of appealing (funny to say the least). Thanks for sharing!

  3. I agree with GMR. I might read this :D

  4. This one sounds good. Someday I should put together a collection of adventures of the adventures of my cousin and I (both only kids) growing up on a farm.
    Or my adventures in childbirth with my daughter and how my hubby almost got bonked on the head. :)