Friday, October 8, 2010

I've crossed to the dark side....

Well, I finally did it. I crossed to the Dark Side....


Despite my firm stance against eReaders, I finally caved and bought a nook. Thanks to a very generous gift, it didn't cost very much, and I have to admit that it's pretty slick. And while I've downloaded over 50 eBooks, they were all free.

nookish delight

What was the tipping point? Why did I finally decide to cross to the Dark Side (aside from the promised cookies, which I'm still waiting for)? Have to admit that NetGalley eARCs were the final push off of the fence for me. They have so many awesome eARCs available, and I just don't like reading books on my PC. I like to read curled up on my couch, and even a laptop is not conducive to a comfy reading experience.

So between the ever increasing availability of eARCS and the awesome number of eBooks I can borrow from my public library, I caved. I'm so ashamed! (not really)

The big test was a recent trip. Normally, I would fill up my backpack with several paperbacks. Bulky and heavy, I have to admit that books take up a lot of room. And if I'm flying? Fuhgeddaboudit! Too expensive in terms of both cost and packing space. Decided to take my new nook for a test run this trip and left the physical books at home. It was a win-win! The nook didn't take up much room, was lightweight, and I had a plethora of books to choose from! (word of the day = plethora) I even felt oh-so-stylish with the pretty cover I picked up:

Jonathon Adler Punctuation Cover
One of the reasons I decided on this particular cover was because of the pockets inside. I went to the store and checked out all of the covers, and kept coming back to this one. It's the Jonathon Adler Punctuation Cover. Has a big question mark on the back as well. Love it!

Jonathon Adler Punctuation Cover

So all in all, I'm very happy with my new nook. It's lightweight. I can read curled up on the couch, with one hand free to pet my cat or drink my tea. It's very simple to download books from online or sideload them from NetGalley or the library. And I'm really happy with the design!

Not as bulky as the Sony eReader or as clunky-looking as the Kindle, I think the nook is the best of the major eReaders out there. I researched several of the other devices, but was hesitant to go beyond the big names as who knows if PanDigital or Alex or Libre would still be around down the road? And the iPad was just too expensive. Of course, should anyone want to send me an iPad, I'd be more than happy to accept!

Am curious to hear how many others have crossed to the Dark Side? I know that Kindle and Sony have lots of fans out there, so wondering why you decided on that particular device? I tend to do research to narrow down my choices, then want to see the item in person to decide what appeals to me the most. I freely admit that I can be swayed by looks, and I think my new nook is very sleek looking.

So come....join me! We have cookies........


  1. Welcome to the dark side! *g*

    A year ago I was claiming very loud that i'd NEVER fall for this. I'd never go ebooks and ereader...ahh now now of course now I know I was a fool. LOL I find reading on Ereader way easier and more practical than reading print books =P

    I've decided for a Sony, mostly because when I bought it, it was the best choice for Internationals. And in France Sony was the only one available.
    I don't regret it at all. It's my preciouuuuuuus

  2. Oh I love ebooks. I don't have a reader yet, but I get a ton of .pdf books for near nothing on smashwords, sites and more. Great reads when I want a short to read on my laptop or phone.

  3. My hubby got a Kindle, but I am thinking of going for the Nook or the Sony so that I can borrow from the library. Let me know how it works for you!

  4. not for me, no not even with the promise of cookies, I can, however, see the positive side of these things.

  5. I've been resistant too, but I've begun to want one. In fact, I think I may even be a little jealous (okay, okay... a LOT jealous)! :-)

  6. I'm positively green with envy. I visit Barnes and Noble at least once a week and I drool everytime I see the Nook display.

  7. pattepoilue - Thanks for the warm welcome! Glad I'm not the only crooning "preciooooooous" to my eReader! *L*

    LM Preston - Cool! New sites to check! :)

    Tampa Bookworm - So far, so good! Haven't had any issues with my library titles, and I'm lucky that they have a nice selection of eBooks available. Yea libraries!

    Petty Witter - Know exactly how you feel, but the lure of the Dark Side was too much for me... :D

    Shannon - They're hard to resist once you start playing with them! I'm blaming a friend of mine who let me borrow her nook to read one of her books. Liked it so much that I started wanting one of my own!

    Katy - I tend to drool over almost everything at Barnes & Noble! *L*

  8. Same as pattepoilue I got a Sony but mostly cuz it's the only real alternative for Europeans. II love it to pieces and I don't think my pocket edition is bulky. LOL

    Welcome to teh Dark Side. I could get you some cookies if you want?

  9. I use my eReader (a Kindle) ALL the time! I put off getting one because I wasn't sure how much I would use it, but I have definitely gotten my money out of it... or actually maybe I spend more because I can buy books with a click... either way I love it :)

  10. love the "I've crossed to the Dark side" intro.

    I've yet to be cross.. will wait for you to convert me ... ;P

    50 books free! OHHHHH will convert maybe earlier than I thought!

  11. Susi - I freely admit to being swayed by the nook's design. Just liked the way it felt in my hands. *L*

    Tara - I'm using it more that I anticipated, although the temptation of buying a new book with just one click is hard to resist!

    Aisle B - All of the free books and eARCs are what finally convinced me! That, and the very generous gift so I didn't have to pay full price! I can't resist a deal! *L*

  12. I've had a Kindle for over a year and just got a Nook and I love them both! Nook is probably a bit my fav since I can borrow library books and it supports more formats. I also love the touch screen and the finger swipe to turn pages.

    I still love "real" books but I don't think I could be without an ereader again.

    Good luck with yours, I know you'll love it and yeah, netgalley is great isnt it?

  13. I am so glad to hear you love your nook so much. Well, I have a dark secret to share myself... I have downloaded the nook, kindle, and Borders ereader onto my cell phone. I have not really used them to much, but I like the idea of having the books so easily accessable. I just wish I could sticky not it. ;) Enjoy!

  14. Tempting, very very tempting...

  15. SenoraG - I'll always love "real" books as well, but am really loving my eReader as well! So preciousssss....*L*

    Melissa - Be careful....I started with the B&N and Kindle apps for my PC before getting my nook. The Dark Side will suck you in! :D

    Suey - Come to the Dark Side! ;)

  16. LOL! That's what I'm afraid of. I'm starting to think "It's so much lighter, easier. And I can just click on it when in line at the store." See, I think I'm doomed. I'm feeling the pull on the draft getting stronger.

    Someone, please, throw me a rope!!


  17. Hmm...I wouldn't say I've crossed to the dark side exactly but I do have an eReader. It was received as a Christmas gift last year (I think)...a cute little Sony pocket edition in Pink no less. ^_^ I use it purely for classics, back up copies if I should happen to have one of the actual book I'm reading, and free downloads. Have yet to purchase an my paper books too much! So there...I'm about a quarter of the way into the eBook world but 75% in the paper for me. Enjoy the Nook! ^_^

  18. It's okay. it's not the dark side- unless you want it to be :-)
    I have a Sony ereader and enjoy using it from time to time. I'm still a print girl though!

  19. Yeah!

    I love my nook. I have so many place to get free books so if your interested stop by and bug me. :)

  20. If I ever go e reader... it is the Nook I have my eye on :)