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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: Waking the Witch by Kelly Armstrong

Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong

 Source:  Public Library

 Rating:  4/5

At twenty-one, Savannah Levine - orphaned daughter of a notorious dark witch and an equally notorious cutthroat sorcerer - considers herself a full-fledged member of the otherworld. The once rebellious teen has grown into a six-foot-tall, motorcycle-riding jaw-dropper, with an impressive knowledge of and ability to perform spells. The only problem is, she's having a hard time convincing her adoptive parents, Paige and Lucas, to take her seriously as an adult. She's working as the research assistant at the detective agency they founded, and when they take off on a romantic vacation alone, leaving her in charge, Savannah finds herself itching for a case to call her own. (She's also itching for Adam, her longtime friend and colleague, to see her as more than just a little girl, but that's another matter.)

Suddenly, Savannah gets the chance she's been waiting for: Recruited by another supernatural detective, she travels to Columbus, Washington, a small, dying town. Two troubled young women have been found in an abandoned warehouse, murdered. Now a third woman's dead, and on closer inspection small details point to darker forces at play. Savannah feels certain she can handle the case, but with signs of supernatural activity appearing at every turn, things quickly become more serious- and far more dangerous-than she realizes. (book blurb)

My Thoughts:

Whoa! When did little Savannah grow up? I've been reading Kelley's books for awhile now, and I've always liked Eve and her daughter Savannah. So-called "bad girls" are just more interesting for some reason. But suddenly Savannah is grown up and going out on her own while Paige and Lucus are on vacation? Boy, I feel old.... *L*

This is a good addition to the Women of the Otherworld series. Savannah is a powerful witch who, while still relatively young, has a good head on her shoulders and will make a great investigator some day. Not wanting to "bother" her guardians while they're on a well-deserved vacation (okay, not wanting to tell them what she was up to!), Savannah heads off on her first solo investigation. Crush-worthy Adam is just a phone call away as her back-up, and she knows that he'll be there in as fast as he can should she need help, but Savannah wants to prove herself. There are unexpected developments, but Savannah doesn't do too badly and shows that she's able to handle herself okay.

Gave this one a 4/5 rating as I really enjoyed it! Savannah is a great character, and it's been fun watching her grow up. Kelley is an awesome writer, love all of her books, and I can highly recommend this if you like urban fantasy with strong women characters. Already looking forward to seeing what Savannah gets up to next!


  1. I am grossly behind on this series. I have only read Bitten. I really need to get busy reading the rest of them. So many books, so little time...ho hum!

    Great review!

  2. I keep seeing Kelly Armstrong across the blog-o-sphere and online. One day I'll get round to reading her books :)

  3. Yay! Glad you enjoyed the read and your review was very good as well. Speaking of this author, have you heard she's on the SMART CHICK'S KICK IT TOUR next month? Yup.....along with several other AWESOME authors too. You should check it out...if you can't attend (like moi), you can still follow online! (Hope that didn't sound infomercial-e....just wanted to give you a heads up!) ^_^

  4. Strong cover and keep hearing good things about Kelley Armstrong. Too many books too little time...
    Great feedback on the book and will have to search library for it next.

  5. Like others, I'm hearing about Kelley Armstrong but haven't read anything...still working my way thru a long list of musts. Rushed for time *sigh*.

  6. Hmmm...this is new to me. Sounds good! :-)

  7. I'm so far behind on this series that I sometimes feel that I will never catch up....but this I swear...I will do it. :-)

    Great review!

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  9. Michelle - You're many books, so little time. ;)

    Nayuleska - Hope you'll give her a try, as Kelley is awesome!

    GMR - Checked out the Smart Chicks Tour! Sounds great, but they're not coming to my neck of the woods. :( Oh well, will follow online instead. :D

    Aisle B - You can't go wrong with any of her books, so hope you give her a chance!

    Kittie - Know exactly what you mean. There's never enough reading time!

    Shannon - Kelley rocks! :D

    Ryan - You can catch up, I know you can! :D

  10. I've never read any of these books and I see them all over the blogs. I feel like I am missing out. Hmmmmmm, may have to reserve them. Thanks for a great review.

  11. SenoraG - I would definitely recommend giving them a try, as they're all good reads!

  12. This was the first read of Kelley's for me. And I loved it as well. :) So glad you enjoyed it. I really loved reading about Savannah and the other characters as well. ;) I will be reading more in the future.


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