Friday, July 16, 2010

Review: The Journey Home by Michael Baron

The Journey Home by Michael Baron

Source:  Review copy provided by The Story Plant

Rating:  4/5

Joseph, Antoinette, and Warren are three people on different searches for home. How they find it, and how they connect with one another at this critical stage in each of their lives, is the foundation for a profound and deeply moving story. (book blurb)

My Thoughts:
This story was incredibly sweet. It starts off with Joseph, who wakes up on a couch in a stranger's home. While he knows his name, that's about all that he remembers. He has lost his memory, but does know that he has a wife out there somewhere, so he sets off to find her. He meets a teenage boy named William, who agrees to accompany Joseph on his journey to find his wife.

Antoinette is a widow living in an assisted living facility. While she used to be fairly active, she is now spending more and more time in the past. Antoinette finds it harder to leave her room as she is easily confused, so prefers to sleep and revisit happier times where her mind and body were strong. I see so many women like this at my MIL's nursing home, that Antoinette's story really struck a chord with me.

Warren is Antoinette's son, who is going through a divorce and has lost his job. With his mother's health failing on top of everything else, it has not been a very good year. Trying to engage his mother, he decides to start cooking some of his mother's old recipes. I loved Warren's efforts, as the dishes sounded so mouth-watering!

The chapters alternate between the three characters, but wasn't hard to follow at all. Baron is a very talented writer, and I was really drawn into the story. The plot was well-paced, the characters all interesting, and the ending was extremely satisfying. Gave this a 4/5 as I really enjoyed this story!


  1. This book does sound great - I love stories like this that alternate between peoples lives and tell different points of view.

  2. This sounds really good, thanks for the review

  3. A must read book. I had two good friends arguing after having read it - the baet book I've read in a long while said one, so sweet. Yeah so sweet, it was sickly argued the other. As I say I have to read it for myself, many thanks for your thoughts on it.

  4. Amused - I love alternating points of view as well. and this author did a great job!

    bookmagic - I really enjoyed it, so hope you will take a look!

    Petty Witter - Would love to see what you think if you decide to read it. I thought it was just this side of too sweet, but not sickly at all. Hope you enjoy!

  5. I have been sticking to more of the paranormal genre when I read lately. Everyone needs a romantic vampire.
    BTW, naturally I take all the credit about the good things my kids do. They get their bad qualities from their father.

  6. Alexia this sounds like a good one. A nice sweet read just feels good sometimes.

  7. Pam - Yes, everyone does need a romantic vampire every now and again! *sigh*

    Sheila - Was definitely a feel-good book! I enjoyed it more than I expected, and was glad I read it!