Monday, June 28, 2010

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Bopping around the blogosphere this past week, I've read a handful of opinions concerning how often a blogger "should" post. I follow several bloggers, some who post sporadically and some who post several times a day. Always thought it was whatever worked for you and your blog, and that there weren't any hard and fast rules. Little did I know that not only were there "rules", but that the rules have changed! My goal was to post every day, but think I can count on one hand the number of times I've actually achieved that goal. :)

While interesting, I didn't think to mark the posts as I wasn't going to write about the subject. Would love to give credit as these were interesting posts...sorry guys.

While trying to backtrack to find these posts, I stumbled upon an April post from Outspoken Media that mentions old blogging rules that no longer apply. While daily posts used to be recommended, now apparently too many posts result in reader fatigue. Don't know that I agree with that, as I follow several blogs who post 2-3 times a day, and they're never boring! I do agree that you should only post when you have something to say, but sometimes a meme will do. I don't participate in many memes, but I enjoy reading them on other blogs.

As I was thinking about whether or not to write about this subject, both Candace at Candace's Book Blog and Bella at Obsessed! mentioned frequency in recent posts. So what the heck, I decided to join the party!

Candace mentioned that she sometimes stops visiting blogs if they don't post on a regular basis. While I sometimes got frustrated when I'd visit a blog that hadn't posted in awhile, I solved that problem by using Google Reader. I go there to read the blogs I follow instead of bouncing around from blog to blog, so always know when something new has been posted. I still bop around and follow links, but the majority of the time I read posts via the Reader.

As previously mentioned, my goal was to post every day, but I rarely met this goal. And that's okay. Blogging is a hobby I sort of fell into, and I've struggled to find a balance almost since the start. Then once I finally found a balance that worked for me, my work schedule changed and I'm now in search of a new balance. Such is life.

How about you? Do you post daily, or even multiple times a day? If so, I'm impressed as you're obviously more organized than I am! Do you think daily posting leads to reader and/or blogger fatigue? I'm with Bella in that blogging is just a hobby for most of us, so we shouldn't feel obligated to post more often than we're comfortable with. Do you agree? Disagree? Would love to hear what you think!

(BTW, the post title popped into my head when I was thinking about frequency of posting. It's an R.E.M. song inspired by a bizarre attack on Dan Rather in the 80's.)


  1. Great post, Alexia :)

    I'm pretty much done with my rant, but thought I'd pop in to agree with what you said about Google Reader ... I thought everybody kept up with the blogs they were following via Google Reader, which is why I couldn't understand why someone would care less whether another blogger posted daily or weekly or, well, whenever-ly ... if they post, you'll see it on your reader, if not, you won't. It must be a mission keeping up with blogs otherwise, lol ... especially once you're following over one hundred or so :o

  2. Oh I use Google Reader too, so I never really thought about how many times I should post or if it should it at certain times in particular.
    I just assume people do like me and will see if I post on their Google Reader.

    I post once or twice a week on my personal blog, I just don't think I'd have anything to say everyday lol And I'd rather post because I feel like it, I want to keep it fun (for me and people who read it lol). But it's different on Book Lovers,Inc we have a schedule and post 2 or 3 times a day (see why I need to be disaorganized on mine? *wink*)
    Have a great day =)

  3. I use google reader too! My posting per day really depends on what is going on. When I did Zombies vs. Unicorns week, I posted multiple times per day. However, most of the time I usually post maybe 6 times per week. It varies, and I am fine with that.

  4. I love Google Reader - although mine is kind of taking over my life at the moment. :)

    I try to post once a day which has worked for me because I schedule posts. So for instance, when I finish a book and go to write the review I look at all my scheduled posts and find the next day I need one. So For instance if I were to finish a book and review today it would be scheduled for sometime around July 12th as I am about two weeks ahead. This works for me because if I don't finish a book or "life happens" I don't have to worry about my blog being stagnant.

    Great post!

  5. I post Mon.-Fri. and take the weekends off (usually). If there is a day I can't post...oh, well. I don't think regular posts lead to blogger fatigue, because people come when they can. If we get too busy, then we miss a few. A regular schedule is a nice way to feel like you "know" a blog, but it isn't a MUST for me. :-)

  6. When I first started blogging, I would post at least once a day. A lot of those were memes and I would write mini-posts about books while I was still reading them. After a couple months I started to burn out and finally realized I didn't have to post every single day. It's okay if one week I only have 2 posts and the the next week I have 6 go up. Like you, blogging is a hobby and should be something I enjoy doing.

    Really, there are rules? Hmm, not sure if I should look into those as I'm sure I'm doing everything wrong lol!

  7. I totally have that song stuck in my head now. Thanks. =P

    Having been a blogger since early 2004 I can tell you that a) google reader is a BLESSING and b) I have always posted when I had something to say. Sadly, I have something to say a lot. Well, not as much now that I have a very demanding job, but I used to post frequently and no one minded. It was never long-winded.

    With my book blog (which is an additional blog for me) I post whenever I have finished a book. I don't force myself to read if I am not feeling it, so I don't worry too much about that.

    I think it all depends on the blogger. It's a personal thing. I won't stop reading a blog just because they post once a week (unless they start posting stuff I don't care about) to me it just balances out the reader for the blogs I follow that post a alot.

  8. Well, I try to post three times a week on personal blog and have to post multiple times a day on my review blog because I am so far behind. Of course I don't have time to do a lot of other stuff. :(

  9. Bella - Your 'Blogging Without Obligation' banner of awesomeness was very inspiring! :D

    pattepoilue - Guess anyone would need a schedule to keep up with two blogs. You're much more organized than I am! *L*

    April - I thought that everyone used Google Reader, as it makes keeping up with new posts so much easier. Would be too much work otherwise!

    Miss Remmers - Whoa! I'm really impressed, and wish I could be that organized! Need to work on scheduling my posts so I have at least 3 posts a week. Great idea Reagan!

    Shannon - Totally agree that it isn't a must. I know I love reading your posts, though I don't always comment.

    alitareads - I hope there's not really a Blogger Rule Book, as I'm probably breaking most of them! *L*

  10. cat - Yes! Someone else has heard of that song! Thought I was the only one! :) Have to say that I really admire people that are able to maintain more than one blog, especially over the years. Some days I'm still amazed I'm still here after only a year!

    Pam - That's my main problem as well... real life keeps getting in the way! ;)

  11. Great post! I don't / can't post every single day. That's mainly because I don't do memes, only reviews, so if I don't have a review, I don't post... and I certainly don't have one everyday because I don't read that fast. :) lol. I think it's important for us bloggers to stick to what works best for us as individuals... no rules. I use the Blogger Dashboard to read through the blogs and I really love that because I never miss updates, and I still get to see the actual blog.

    Again, awesome post! :)

  12. Fascinating post. My only rule is to do whatever works best for you, whatever you feel most comfortable doing.

  13. Steph - You're absolutely right in that we need to stick to what works best for us! Never thought of using the blogger dashboard to read posts. Good idea!

    Petty Witter - I like your rules! :)

  14. Sometimes I have lots to say and post twice a day and sometimes I have nothing to say and skip a day or two! It all depends one whatever is going on. But I sometimes feel bad if I do either one of those things, which I think is a dumb thing to feel really.

  15. I dont think you should feel pressurised to post. You should feel happy that you have something to say/review/ramble or whatever to post. I dont think you could put "must dos" for posting.
    Most bloggers if they cannot post for whatever reason take a short leave by announcing they are going to be absent. This is of course polite so that people who do visit your blog will know in advance.

  16. Suey - Hope you never feel bad about how often you post, because you're right in that we should only post when we have something to say. And if you have a lot to say, then you post several times a day!

    Mystica - Agreed! I don't want to feel that I "have" to post according to a set schedule so throw up just anything to meet that quota.

  17. I'm way behind in posting here to the conversation, but I just wanted to jump in anyways!

    Personally, I am one of the sporadic bloggers! I typically post a couple times a day, but there was a time last year about this time that I was not even that consistent. Real life definitely got in the way! Blogging is just one of my hobbies, so I treat it as such. I don't want to lose the love of writing and blogging by treating it more like a job! That's just my two cents!

    As for a blog reader . . . I don't judge a blog by its frequency, but rather by its writing. If I like what a blog author has to say, I will be back . . . whether that may be every day (I don't check every day obviously!) or once every couple of weeks. Quality over quantity in my opinion!

  18. Tif - I try to be consistent, but don't do a very good job. Real life keeps getting in the way! Definitely agree with you that if I enjoy a blog, it doesn't matter how often they post. That's why I love the Google Reader, as it's an easy way to see new posts without bouncing all over the blogosphere!

  19. Agreed! It's a complete life saver for me since I'm always behind!! :)