Monday, June 7, 2010

Blogmania is coming!

Blogmania is coming!

What is Blogmania, you ask? It's a huge bi-annual extravaganza where bloggers and their sponsors get together to offer fabulous giveaways! Hosted by Lynda over at Between the Pages, it's sure to be tons of fun!

I've decided to participate this time around, and have just started to put together my prize package. My theme will be book related. Big surprise there, right? ;) Currently taking suggestions on what you would like to see in a book prize package. Reading journals? Bookmarks? ARCs? Mugs? Jewelry? Wall decorations? T-shirts? All revolving around the main book theme, of course. I'm also looking for sponsors who would like to partner with me for Blogmania by donating items for my prize package. In return, all sponsors will be publicized on the Blogmania sites, as well as receiving frequent PR on this blog. It's a win-win!

Who - What - Where - When
Over $10,000 Dollars in prizes and building!

1. Would you like to have access to hundreds of prizes?
2. Would you like to discover new and exciting blogs?
3. Would you like to experience the Thrill of the hunt and the Ecstasy of winning?
4. Would you like to do all of this in just TWO DAYS?

If you can click on the provided links, you can get all this and MORE!

SAVE THE DATES: September 15th and 16th!

If you have a product that would fit a book-themed giveaway and would like to be one of my sponsers, please email me at Alexia561@yahoo(dot)com. Thanks!


  1. Hmmm, in September...possible, keep those nudges coming... :)

    And I gave you a shout-out on my blog today.

  2. I'm trying to participate in this too. I'm giving away a digital picture frame.

  3. Kittie - Still working on my prize pack, so will keep posting updates as I add to it. Thanks for the shout out! :)

    Pam - Cool! Think it's going to be a blast, as some of the prizes I've seen so far have been amazing! And I've always wanted a digital frame, so will be sure to enter yours!

  4. There is an award for you on my blog:

    Happy Reading!

  5. Passed on award to you on my blog.

  6. SenoraG - Wow! Thank you so much! :)

    Melissa - Thank you! You're so sweet! :)

  7. I will have to see how things go when that time gets closer. I don't know if I'll be able to participate. We are having a lot starting around here, and my son will be in football then (so guess where all my time will be spent... at practices.) I will have to wait and see. Hope you have a great time though. :)

  8. I really enjoyed the last blogmania...even won a prize from author Caroline Clemmons! It is great that you are doing this. My suggestions would be...which is entirely based on what I like (LOL)...bookmarks, bookish jewelry, journals and ARCs (of course). I know you'll put together something great! Can't wait to hear more updates. =O)

  9. Melissa - If you can't participate by holding a giveaway, hope you'll able to enter some to win great prizes!

    Michelle - So cool that you won something last time! I'm a total bookmark freak, so went a little crazy buying new ones! *L*

  10. I am definitely going to have to make time to get around the blogs to visit some. It sounds like so much fun. Thanks!