Monday, May 31, 2010

BEA in Pictures

Didn't take many pictures and could kick myself for missing so many great photo ops, but wanted to share with you the pictures I did remember to snap. BTW, did anyone get a picture of the Naked Author? He was gone by the time I thought to pull out my camera! ;)

Maria V Snyder and Gena Showalter at the Harlequin YA signing. It was a mob scene, as I don't think they were expecting that many people! Thought the ladies behind me were going to start a fight, as they kept complaining about line jumpers to the poor PR guy. Yikes!

Rachel Vincent at the Harlequin YA signing. Love her!

Gena Showalter during the Harlequin YA signing. Isn't she gorgeous?

Rachel Vincent and Artist Arthur at the Harlequin YA signing. I heard later that all of the authors ran out of books, so guess it was a good thing that I got there early!

Loved the main steps! Saw Vlad Tod bags everywhere as well!

Heather Brewer, the author of the Vlad Tod books. Love the purple highlights in her hair!

Someone called the autographing lines "cattle chutes." That's what they felt like! And the whole area was so crowded and so hot that I'm surprised no one fainted!

The lovely Lauren Oliver! Look at all of those gorgeous books! *drool*

Lauren Oliver. So nice!

Gena Showalter at the autographing tables. Got a total of 3 books from her! Felt like I was stalking her, but so worth it!

Is this woman kidding? My feet hurt just looking at those shoes! :o

The suitcase and coat check area. My suitcase was one of the smaller ones, and I'm SO glad I listened when it was recommended to bring at least one suitcase, as I filled it both days!

Laura Anne Gilman at the Harlequin Paranormal signing. Think they learned their lesson from earlier, and this signing went much, much smoother!

Rachel Vincent at the Harlequin Paranormal signing. Her line was too long, so I didn't get an autographed copy of Shift. :(

Jeri Smith-Ready! She is incredibly nice and I was so excited to meet her, that I think I may have babbled a little! *L*

The BEA welcome sign outside the Javits Center.

Wish I had remembered that I had my camera on me and had taken more pictures, but at least I got a few! Looking forward to seeing everyone else's BEA pictures and reading about their adventures. The Javits Center was huge and I know that I missed a lot, but I loved BEA!


  1. Those are great pics, thanks for sharing :) AHHHH next year I hope!

  2. Those are great pics. I am so jealous!

  3. I have caught up on your blog now. :) Now if I just had some inspiration for something to post on mine!

  4. I'm so glad you had a good time! And hey, a few pictures are better than no pictures!

  5. Love the pics - the one of the steps is awesome. I think it will take me all week to BEA babble :)

    Great meeting you -wish we would have had more time to chat!

  6. Those are some great pictures! Seeing everyone's posts makes me a bit intimidated about going next year. Glad you had fun!

  7. Great pics! I've informed the hubs that I need to go next year :)

  8. Mel - Hope we can both make it next year, as I'd love to meet you!

    Pam - Your posts are always inspiring! Maybe let Sassie do a guest post again? :D

    Donna - That's what I thought! At least I got a few pix.

    Sheila - Looking forward to hearing about your BEA!

    Michelle - I thought I would be intimidated by BEA, but being around so many book lovers made talking to strangers easy! Everyone there loved books!

    Tara - I so want to go again next year! Fingers crossed we'll both be there!

  9. got some great pics! Sounds like you had a great time. Lucky girl! =O)

  10. How fun! Thank you so much for sharing... now to check out your loot!

  11. Great pictures! I have to agree with you on the heels. I like to wear heels, but if I'm on my feet all day - no way! All those suit cases thought! Holy Cow! :) Glad you had a great time.

  12. These are some great pictures! I'm so bummed about missing you! :( Next time!

  13. Michelle - I had one of the best times ever!

    Shellie - Thought I was being discriminating, yet still wound up with 2 suitcases full! :o

    Melissa - Me too! Heels are okay for special occasions, but to walk around a convention center all day? Yikes!

    Miss Remmers - Next time! And I'll have a better phone, so we're able to meet up! :)

    Beth - Thank you!

  14. These pictures are great! And yes, those young NYC women work the heels even walking around the city. Crazy!

    I kept seeing those Vlad bags too but didn't know what they were -- thanks for cluing me in.

    Jennifer --also