Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BEA Day 2

Today was amazing! Too tired to go into it in detail, but it was awesome! So glad I listened to Jenn from Jenn's Bookshelves when she suggested I bring a suitcase! I felt a little silly, but mine was one of the smaller suitcases in the coat check area, and I was so glad I had someplace to drop off my books! Took home a full suitcase, and that was with being selective and not grabbing everything in front of me!

The book gods were smiling on me today, as I ran into several other bloggers while waiting in various lines. Said hello to Sheila  from Book Journey in my very first line, and later stood in line with two superstars:  Kristi from The Story Siren, then Amy from My Friend Amy! Hope I didn't scare them. *L*

Will write a more detailed post on Friday, as need to get to bed. I missed a few authors this morning because traffic was horrendous, then the ferry was late because of Fleet Week. Planning on an early day tomorrow! Hope I remember to eat lunch this time, as I totally forgot today! :o

Still squee-ing over the joy that is BEA!


  1. I'm so glad you're having a great time, Alexia!! Can't wait to hear all the details!

  2. Thanks for updating us folks that didn't get a chance to make it out there this year. Oh, but his is sooo on my list next year.

  3. Thanks for the comment in your post - so awesome to meet you :)

  4. Oh my! A suitcase!?! You needed a suitcase! :) Sounds like a readers paradise. :) Have a great time!

  5. That is so great that you got to meet fellow bloggers!