Thursday, February 11, 2010

Word Verification Balderdash (19)

Word Verification Balderdash is a weekly meme hosted by Ryan at Wordsmithonia. He is a Balderdash expert, so be sure to stop by and check out his site!

Balderdash is a pretty easy game. You know all of those annoying word verifications you have to deal with when posting comments on certain blogs? Be sure to write them down, then play Balderdash by making up your own definition for the word!

Here are my words for the week:

Meduke:  Innovative new field studying the healing properties of the ukulele. During controlled studies, patients exposed to ukulele music recovered 33% faster than patients listening to other music.

Voses:  Just in time for Valentines Day, a new hybrid of rose with stems in the shape of a vase. No separate container needed, voses can be placed anywhere as the plant is self-contained. Available in red only.

Did you come across any fun words this week? I didn't visit many blogs this week and ran into several "real" words, so the pickings were slim. Will try to do better next week. :-)


  1. You did fine with the two you posted, Meduke actually terrifies me a little and voses is just brilliant.

  2. Hey, these are really good. I like the idea of voses! Neat! Wonder how much the stores will sink us for these? lol.

    Great words!

  3. Ryan - Meduke is a little scary, isn't it? I keep picturing Tiny Tim! *shudder*

    Melissa - Would love to receive voses on Sunday! Hey hubby - hint, hint! *L*

  4. This is too funny! (Wish you had word verification here, though.)

  5. Suko - Thanks! I'm trying to avoid having to use word verification as I don't like it, but know that it's a necessary evil if you're constantly getting hit by spammers.