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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Word Verification Balderdash (18)

Word Verification Balderdash is a weekly meme hosted by Ryan at Wordsmithonia. He is the Balderdash King, so be sure to stop by and check out his site!

Balderdash is a pretty easy game. You know all of those annoying word verifications you have to deal with when posting comments on certain blogs? Be sure to write them down, then play Balderdash by making up your own definition for the word!

Here are my words for the week:

Minstic: Of or relating to the esoteric, otherworldly mincing of herbs performed by registered mystics for use in their rites.

Doperma: Slang for a mother who habitually uses recreational drugs. (this one was too easy, but I couldn't resist)

Windshog: 1. Ancient Celtic mythological wind spirit, which typically took the form of domesticated swine. 2. A shock caused by a sudden, violent downburst. 

Grack: Limited edition color from Sherman-Williams; a warm mix of green and black, with a hint of glitter. From their Beyond Thunderdome Anniversary Collection.

Shringe: A building, shelter, niche, or other setting constructed for the express purpose of worshipping fringe deities no longer in the mainstream.

Come across any fun word verifications this week? Doperma was a silly gimme that I couldn't resist, but am curious if you have a more creative definition for it?


  1. Some great words, they should be added to the dictionary as official. I especially like grick.

  2. Some great words, they should be added to the dictionary as official. I especially like grick.

  3. Congratulations! You've won an award at http://the-sweet-bonjour.blogspot.com/2010/01/awards-post-5.html x

  4. What a funny game! I always hate entering those in! Shringe is my favorite :)

  5. I like "grack." It's a color my daughter would probably choose. Lol at doperma.

  6. Oh, these are fun creations you've made!

    My Balderdash is here:


  7. Great words! Doperma may have been a given but it still is great. I love Windshog - both definitions! These are great definitions.

  8. I love Windshog! Great words this game.

  9. I don't think we get Sherwin-Williams paint in Canada...maybe have to match up "grack" at the Home Depot, lol. Great words :-)

    Mine are here.

  10. Doperma? GAH! That's hysterical! Love your words!

  11. Lol, I always love your definitions! I wouldn't have been able to resist Doperma either, and Shringe? Psh, I totally need one of those. :P

  12. I love grack. That seems like a useful sort of word.


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